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Was Local H headliner for 11/28/2008, Mad Hatter, Covington KY?

Does the Braid complete show list still exist? I can’t get to it from the link you posted.

Thanks for the info, details added.

nice list. you shoulda went to see Khruangbin at Railbird festival ! they're unreal.

Thanks for your detailed info on the ICON and the links. You are 100% correct that the stage should have its own listing. I have added venue info to the two so if you get a chance take a look at it to see if it looks okay.

Thanks for the info on The Loft. When a venue changes addresses within the same municipality we usually use just one venue name for it. If it moves to another municipality (say Waunakee) we create a separate venue in Waunakee with the same name. It's gets real complicated if the venue then moves back to the original city. Then we sometimes change the name (like The New Loft maybe) and add aliases.
In any event, I have added the venue info to The Loft and removed the opening date. If you get a chance please look at it and let me know if it needs any changes.

This might test your memory! I saw you posted the setlist to Local H at the Ranch Bowl back in November of 2001. By any chance do you remember who the first opening act was? Injected was the second opener, but the first was a two-piece girl band. They played a cover of War Pigs, but that's really all I can remember of them. Thanks!

Since October 27, 1995 the venue Melkweg in Amsterdam has two main rooms/halls. What was previously known as the Melkweg's main hall, was renamed Oude Zaal (old room) or OZ as it is called nowadays:
On the mentioned date a larger hall opened under the name The Max (nowadays
just Max): https://www.setlist.fm/venue/melkweg-the-max-amsterdam-netherlands-33d5fccd.html
Would you be able as visitor to change the venue for the Ben Folds Five setlist from just Melkweg to the correct hall?

Thank you for keeping all of the Aqueous setlists up to date!

I just had to say thanks for linking the Archive.org Local H - Mercury Lounge 2012-04-15 show. I had no idea that they put all their concerts online like that, absolutely amazing! That was one of my favorite concerts and to be able to listen to it again is something else.