Union Pool Brooklyn Concert Setlists

City Brooklyn, NY, United States (near New York)

484 Union Avenue
New York, NY 11211

Aug 4 2019

Condo Fucks at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY, USA

  1. Experiment In Terror
  2. Bermuda
  3. Grey Hats
  4. Look Back in Anger
  5. Come See Me
  6. Wild Honey
  7. I Want You To Be My Boyfriend
  8. Just in Case You Wonder
  9. Stoned Out Of My Mind
  10. With a Girl Like You
  11. Former Airline
  12. Sorry Suzanne
  13. ...
Jun 30 2019

Wreckless Eric at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY, USA

  1. Father to the Man
  2. Dead End
  3. Tiny House
  4. Semaphore Signals
  5. Several Shades of Green
  6. The Downside of Being a Fuck-Up
  7. Hit and Miss Judy
  8. California/Handyman
  9. The Half of It
  10. Creepy People (In the Middle of the Night)
  11. 40 Years
  12. Indelible Stain
  13. ...

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