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I am interested in Rammstein's live concert history and I saw that you've seen them 2 times in Nuremberg in 1997,
If you have any information about their setlists (including how long the concerts lasted), interesting stories to share, photos or even audio/video recordings of the shows you've been to, I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me!
Have a good day!

Hey Bassville:
hast du was gefunden von MrBig Fürth Stadthalle ?
Melde dich mal

Hello! Like the person below, did you film at all the 1992 Michael Jackson concert? If not, that is alright!

Hi! I saw that you was on Michael Jackson’s concert in Bayreuth, Germany (which took place on September 2, 1992)! Did you record anything? I would appreciate any help!

Hi Bassville,
wie ich sehe hast du MrBig in Fürth 1994 gesehn. Ich suche schon seit Ewigkeiten eine Liveaufnahme davon. Hoffe du kannst mir vielleicht helfen...
vielen Dank

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