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It's weird because they are obviously Italian, and not British. It's also a stretch for their music to be referred to as "Arena-Rock"; perhaps they have a weird sense of humour! However it's good that they have bagged themselves a support slot with Deep Purple in Lisbon so they can play their arena rock in an actual arena ;-)

The Instagram reference to "British Arena-Rock hailing from London" is bizarre especially when the Facebook link below it takes you to the Italian rock band's page. Perhaps they have recently based themselves in London, however all of the members of the "British" band have Italian names!

Regarding your recent edit/s "UROCK is the British band produced by Alan Parsons. Urock is a band based in Italy". I am puzzled as to why you think the band is "British"
The band that supported Alan Parsons in 2015 were an "Italian Rock Band" with Italian members (as per the original disambiguation). If you look at their Facebook page, you will see pictures and references to Alan Parsons. There is also a post from Alistair Greene (Parson''s lead guitarist) to his "bro Umberto from the band Urock". Umberto Sulpasso is the singer / guitarist in Urock. The other members are Cristian Murasecchi - Lead Guitar, Joseph Mangiaracina - Bass Guitar, Marco Maracci - Keyboards and Richard Macri - Drums.


The 1970 Yes album “The Yes Album” lists the song you called “ Clap” as “The Clap”, which is what I submitted. Sources: my album collection and AllMusic.com

Real reason why Give Peace a Chance is not listed
If one of the songs was performed in full then it does not fit the definition of a medley. A song info should be added for additional snippets. E.g. add with 'Black Dog' intro as song info for Whole Lotta Love
Not because it has been listed nth times as such. (this might be an error)

We don’t have a set rule for that so feel free to use your judgment on it. I would say that if I was creating a specific venue aboard a ship I would use the name of the ship in the venue name like Empire Ballroom, USS Apache for instance

I got rid of the Kuala Lumpur concert. No way it happened. It would have been a big deal if it did and left an internet footprint. Thanks for contacting me about it.

I just changed the setlist that was locked back to the original name, so they all should match now. I think it might been locked for users who aren't Roadies or Moderators, which is strange... Anyways, thanks for letting me know about this and for always doing such a great job keeping an eye on The Who's setlists on here! :)

They weren't the original members but they were billed as The Zombies.


All I know is that they toured using that name and played. From what I see on other setlist Comments by other Mods, they feel these should be listed. Probably because this tour was in support of Odyssey & Oracle. I see no real reason to delete them either. Please feel free to post @Info details on the setlists. I think these are different than the later bogus "Byrds" shows where I think the setlists should be listed with the name of the individual member who was using the name. There was no official album being supported there.

This is a quote posted by another Moderator for another show on that tour.

"The Zombies had broken up in 1968, but thanks to Columbia staff producer Al Kooper, their last album (Odyssey and Oracle) had become a big hit behind the single "Time Of The Season." However, the lineup of The Zombies that toured did not feature any original members of the group, and was somewhat bogus."

However, regardless of who was in the band, it was listed as a Zombies show.

Therefore I am not deleting The Zombies show that you reported.

I'll lock it for a while. It looks like it is pretty well completed anyway.

I'm not sure either. We will probably have to discuss it when it is released. At this point I would still list it as "Guantanamo" but it probably isn't worth the time and hassle of doing it repeatedly if/when attendees use a different title. It will all have to be rectified when/if the new versions are released.

Hah, that's funny. Go ahead and edit if you want to. But if they keep changing it and you get tired of it we'll clean it up later. Thanks.

Technically "Hero Ground Zero" should be listed as @Unknown the way I did in the MSG setlist because it has not been released yet and might never be. With a major band like The Who it probably will be so we usually do list it as such. I don't plan on changing it in future setlists. I just got tired of this particular bunch of Users constantly changing the setlist without reading the Comments and Guidelines especially with "Guantanamo". I will eventually change it back when the lock expires.

I've had enough of these Guantanamo/Hero Ground Zero changes and am locking The Who MSG setlist. I wouldn't bother correcting these particular errors for upcoming shows because it will happen for those too. When I feel the setlist is complete I will correct them and lock it. If it's locked and you think a correction should be made just let me know. I posted this on livemusicfan's page too.

We'll say goodbye to him then

It's "Guantanamo" as you explained on the setlist and my profile page. I changed it. I told the User about "See Me, Feel Me" but nothing else. If I took action every time we were called a moron when correcting a setlist it would take up all my time. Let me know if you have any other problems with him though.

I do not agree with breaking this up as different sets of music. I saw the show myself in Detroit and they never left the stage. It should be noted in the song notes or at the bottom of page under info. The @set tag should be used for new sets of music if the band leaves the stage or for an encore.