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Thanks Brother for the copy of the setlist from Blackberry Smoke 01Oct22! I appreciate the correction

Well sir that edit was made 9 years ago before I wrote the guidelines for tours. All fixed. Thanks

Thanks for letting me know about AB Band...

Please use exact location or venue for Brescia Summer Festival following the guidelines at

Since October 27, 1995 the venue Melkweg in Amsterdam has two main rooms/halls. What was previously known as the Melkweg's main hall, was renamed Oude Zaal (old room) or OZ as it is called nowadays:
On the mentioned date a larger hall opened under the name The Max (nowadays
just Max):
Would you be able as visitor to change the venue for the Ani DiFranco setlist from just Melkweg to the correct hall?

thu apr 23 1998 is the date on my tix and personal notes, excuse me i typed may 23 instead in my msg to u

hi creed 4-24-98 bronco bowl, i dont know if there were 2 shows or maybe my show was rescheduled? dont rem that. my printed ticket and my personal notes say i went to the show on thu may 23, 1998. i did quick research and found 2 diff sites and many using same data that all show ur date 4-24 as the only dallas date. but im trusting my tix and notes that dont say reschedule. let me know what u find. thanks

I randomly checked both MB20 at Cane's in San Diego in 1997, and Ani at Northrop in 1996, and found out that you were at both? How bizarre - I was too. Any chance those got recorded? Would love to hear the shows.


Does anyone know where I can get an MP3/ download etc of last nights Black Crowes show @ The Mann in Philly 8/11/13. They were amazing. Please help. Or point me in the right direction. Thank you.

...understood - they've all been modified now to reflect the correct venue. Thanks.

Matt, the Horseshoe Casino venue in Hammond, Indiana at which the Summerland Tour played is actually called "The Venue", so you need not edit that. Thank you.

Hey Matt --- do you have that Big Wreck WBCN broadcast by chance? I can't seem to find my CD of that one at the moment --- drop me a line at addictedtovinylATgmailDOTcom if you wouldn't mind...would love to get MP3s for the moment if you have them :-)

No disrespect taken. Now you know :)

Please stop editing 'Perfect' to 'F**kin' Perfect' at the St. Paul P!nk show. She did the clean version.


Thx for your reply. Good that some shows of the old times get added :)

Hi, cool thing with adding the Sevendust shows. Do you have any sources?

Hi, what time did the show start?