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Okay I appreciate the response.

Hi there! Did you film any of the Michael Jackson concert in 1988? If not, that's no worries!

Hi Paul,
Effectively I collect all tickets from Genesis and its members. Scans do not go to a site. It's just personal.
If you want to send me a scan, here is my email address.


Hi Antoine, Yes I have kept the ticket. Please let me know why you would like a scan of it and what you are doing with the tickets you are collecting along with your email address where you'd like it sent. All the best, Paul.

I see you were at the Phil Collins London show last june.
I'm looking for a scan of the ticket. Did you keep your ticket?
Thank you!

Hi, did Steve Rothery appeared during the Support Act of Dave Foster?
If so, add the Song "Ache"!
It's the only Song Steve supported in on the new album Dreamless of David Foster!

For what it's worth it was definately an Intro Jam from where I was standing as it wasn't really just part of a song, it had a life of its own, absolutely Introduced some class musicians to the stage and led into the first song. Really enjoyed the show guys. No need to fall out.

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