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Sorry Stamina1. I thought you created setlists for the 2 full shows. I didn't realize until later that you created one for the acoustic tent set.

Hi, is it the 21.00 or 18.00 Audrey Horne show at Rockefeller the 25th of June you added?


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Peter Gabriel in Oslo 2014.
Did you keep your ticket?

Thank you!

Hi Stamina1,
thanks for your comment at the Tangerine Dream Setlist from Elbphilharmonie!
The Problem was, that there are two existing Songs devided by the addition Part One or Part Two! There is no existing Title in Musicbrainz without the "Part" Addition. To get the Statistics work correctly I have had to decide, if I should have written only Part One or also Part Two. The Programme didn't mention the Parts at all. I made my comment, because I think only Part One has been played. I made a Snippet recording of that Song, so I am sure for Part One. But I didn't recorded the complete Song, so I'm not sure about, if they played also Part Two.
And there is also "Tangram (Excerpt)" in the Programme. There is no Title like this in Musicbrainz either. I had to change that for the Statistics to simply "Tangram" and made the Info "Excerpt" instead.

The link you send me, take me to MusicBrainz. When i og in to the artist and album, all the songs are registred. Why do they still stand as Others...on the setlist????
Are you sure they didn't play "Walk Away"? I would mean they didn't play the entire album.

I put a New concert yesterday, but it was wrong artist. How to take it away from It was Adventure on Buckleys Oslo, but we have a Norwegian band called adventure.

The Artist is on MusicBrainz but still i can not import it to

If the artist is missing from, you can import it from MusicBrainz here:

If you have trouble, you can post in this thread on the forum for help:

Why can,t i see other members who attended the concert longer?
Is this a taken out in 2013?

Can you update the venue:
The Crossroad Club, oslo, Norway?
Look at the website

Like I said, sometimes the venue index is slow to update. Please wait a few days and try again.

I have a problem getting the venue in????

Looks like the venue was added successfully:

Sometimes the venue index is slow to update. Try adding the setlist later today or tomorrow and it should work.

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