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"International Pop Overthrow 2022" seems to have taken place at Montrose Saloon from 22 April to 30 April. Unfortunately it is not possible to exclude The Figgs' 27 April 2022 performance from that festival. The best solution is to at a note to the end of the setlist stating that the concert has no association with the festival.

I've pressed Update a few times myself just now, and oddly it seems to be there now. How strange!

You might need to wait a few days before refreshing the artist on

That does make more sense, thanks.

Any image will need to have cleared copyright with the artist. I am not sure what the process is for assigning such an image (I know I am not able to do so), this is definitely a question for Michi.

I don't really understand your question. But if you want to link an artist on to a Facebook page, this is something to speak to Michi from the admin team about.

This doesn't answer why you added the songs. Everybody can tell "I know what Graham played that night" without being there.
If you're certain the tour was named like this, why not add the tour name to all the other setlists where he used that group. A tour is a following up of concerts. It's strange when there's only one setlist under a certain tour.

To answer your questions (below)...I added songs to the show because I know what Graham played that night, and I know that he refers to that tour by that name because that was the band he used. I hope this are satisfactory answers to your questions. I do need to add that Graham's set list history on here is a solid mess. Because of the length of his career and the many shows/tours he has done with different bands, solo, and duo...I think it should all be under one name...Graham Parker, just like it is for Bruce.


Could you explain why you added the songs to and assigned this to a tour called La Bamba and the Hubcaps, which is the only concert for Graham Parker with that name.

Just edit the artist disambiguation on musicbrainz :)

We follow musicbrainz styling guidelines on

They state that coordinate conjunctions (such as "but") should not be capitalised in song titles.

The setlist pages themselves will be delayed in showing new album assignments. Have another look in 24 hours or so, it should be good then.

Make sure that the artist is on musicbrainz first, and imported to Then try using the MBID directly in the @With tag.

Thanks for letting me know so quickly. I've moved those songs back.

Cool, so now you can just press the "Update now" link at the bottom of the artist page, and all songs should be compiled automatically!

The album needs to exist on musicbrainz in order to import the data to There's some info on the Roadie help page about it all:

FYI, the release must be marked as "Official" (rather than "Promo" etc.) to be recognised here.

Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :) You'll be able to take care of your own album assignments from now!
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

You should certainly feel free to enter confirmed shows without a setlist especially if you have a source you can provide a link for a comment like "Advertised in the Jul 7 Saratogian". Many times an empty setlist will be posted and an attendee or someone else will know some of the songs that were played.

Unfortunately there's no time-of-day sorting of setlists - multiple shows on one day will be sorted at random.
At least yours is a simple case - some are much worse! :)

Thanks a lot for changing back those Figgs setlists for me. I especially appreciate it because I know that you don't necessarily agree with my rationale for doing this.

I found a few more of their gigs from the Nineties but couldn't find any earlier listings. They look okay to me. I couldn't find any of the shows that I attended in the late 80s and early 90s around Saratoga though.

Please take a look at this setlist as the link I posted in the comment section indicates that it was held at a different venue and you did not put a source for your edit. If I didn't know that you were more knowledgable about the band I would have changed it but I will leave that decision up to you.

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