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There are a lot of translated songs with different meaning that are considered covers. Some that come to mond are My Way by Frank Sinatra, lots of Johnny Hallyday songs and these are not even my native language. We base our covers on secondehandsongs. Lately I discovered by watching a BBC program that You Don't Have to Say nu Dusty Springfield is a cover of an Italian song.

Hi. Looks like you've been having some conversations about covers of Bob Dylan songs in a different language with new lyrics.
What artist is recording these songs? Is there a setlist of a performance that includes these songs?
Let me know and we can discuss further.

There was a discussion when the translated lyrics spoke about the same theme (e.g. a man on a boat) it's a cover. We base ourselves also on secondhandsongs, where translated songs are considered covers.

Where did you read this As mentioned in the forum on this site, if the song is in another language, it doesn't have to be the cover tag. Cover applies only if another artist sings the song based on its original version.
This is not how I have read in some discussions on the mod forum

Magari si può scrivere così
L'infanzia di Maria @Cover[Fabrizio De Andrè]
La tentazione @Info[With final Verse of L'infanzia di Maria]

fai tu a questo punto, poi mi adeguo. Per La Tentazione aspettiamo il responso di un moderatore del sito e poi decidiamo la linea guida da adottare

Altrimenti va messa come Impressioni di Settembre, ricordo che su quei dischi "Official Bootleg" ci fossero versioni di un minuto di Impressioni di settembre, anche se mi pare che fossero collegate a poseidon. Se trovo i dischi da qualche parte te li mando

Il fatto è che La tentazione esiste come traccia separata proprio perchè venne eseguita in concerto da sola senza la parte di De Andrè in concerto e registrata, le altre che io sappia, sono tracce che non sono mai state eseguite senza le loro controparti di De Andrè. Al massimo vediamo che dicono i moderatori e se mi approvano la richiesta di considerare La tentazione parte de La buona novella. Per quanto riguarda Poseidon forse l'ho ritrovata su Apple Music, di base è un crescendo strumentale che sfrutta Impressioni di Settembre e che veniva eseguito dal vivo in america prima che venisse scritta una versione inglese di Impressioni

Per la traccia separata ho richiesto di attribuirla all'album in studio penso che me la fixeranno in giornata, se mi rifiutano l'attribuzione facciamo come hai fatto tu, poseidon ora te la cerco, sembra che tutti i video youtube siano stati bloccati

Hi asilorepublic,

There have been some discussions between moderators regardless of the topic of covering songs in different languages, and there were neither clear written rules nor no full agreements on the topic. Sometimes, there are so many special cases that it is difficult to cover everything, and to let artist fans take some liberties is sometimes a possibility.
Saying this, I'll give you the reasons why I think the songs should be marked as original Bob Dylan:

- Firstly, because they are coming from an album dedicated to Bob Dylan (as you mentioned). The original artist is explicitly credited. This is not for example a case like Vanila Ice's Ice Ice Baby vs Queen's Under Preasure.
There is also the example of "Rap soda y bohemia" from Molotov, which is included in the Latin American "Tributo a Queen", which is based on the song "Bohemian Rhapsody", but in reality, it is a parody of a complete different lyrics. It is similar because of sampling, song structure, and phrasing.

- A reason that arose in the discussion was the fact of the language change. Sometimes due to the fact that a different language has a different intonation and metric, lyrics can change in order to fix this, even changing the original song's meaning.

Besides this, as mentioned at the beginning, as a fan, since there is no clear agreement feel free to take the decision you feel is more convenient. However, I wanted to give you my reasons and be as transparent as possible. In case of any official change, we will also care about making this clear in the guidelines.


Thanks for the quick reply
I'll discuss this with the rest of the mod team

Hi asilorepublic
do you have the forum thread were the discusion of the topic about covers in different languages was held?

ok per ora ho cambiato qualche show di Elio a mano ma il grosso andrebbe automatizzato

Bisogna fondere Elio e Stefano belisari su MusicBrainz. Tu sai usarlo?

Se sai come farlo procedi pure. Io non sono admin. So come richiedere i merge di canzoni ma non so come chiedere di fondere 2 artisti sul sito

took care of
Hi, dirk!
I have a question: I just noticed that there's an incorrect song name in Caparezza setlists:
"Vengo dalla luna" should be "Vengo dalla Luna", because is the name of our satellite, the Moon, in italian.
Also in musicbrainz is written in the correct way:
The problem is that I really don't want to change more than 200 setlists (or I don't know if it's possible to do such a multiple change in few steps).
Do you have some special powers to change all of them together?

There's no problem.
I just tell you that your second argument doesn't count to justify writing the title with capitals.
The first may justify it.
So don't start correcting songtitles in other languages than English because the artist or record company write it with capital letters on the record sleeves. That is except for nouns or proper names.

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