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Regarding Comedy of Errors, for the stats we want to know how often a song has been played, not how its title changed through the years. For songtitles is leading, so when multiple spellings of the same song exist we merge them to the spelling as it is on that site. You could add an @Info tag to the song stating what the song was called back in 1987.

Hey, no problem! Don't sweat it. If I was too judgy in the correction, sorry!

leglessmoof, thanks for the reply. A similar thing is going on with De Pul in Uden.
Somewhere in time there was a new building that became De Nieuwe Pul, while De Pul was somewhere else and became De Oude Pul or something like that. Then De Oude Pul was torn down and De Nieuwe Pul became De Pul again. That was in 1997. I asked, no exact date knonw, unfortunately.

Regarding the "Tivoli Oudegracht, Utrecht, Netherlands" venue, we are working on an overhaul to our venue system which should make dealing with this situation a lot easier. So I'd like to leave this venue as-is until then. Do let me know if you find the date of the name change though.

Hey Jerry, Yorick from helreidh here... thanks for putting the setlist from 1998 :-) nice memories!

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