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The setlist upload worked, thanks for sharing.

And thanks for filing in the setlist and keeping it accurate!

Hi. Could you post the printed setlist for the Yes show to a photo sharing site (like Flickr) or on social media and share a link?

Noted-thanks for the heads up!

Hey! Random question: where was the setlist located when you snapped a picture? Hoping i can get one for the show tonight

Disregard the request - I found the printed setlist on Instagram

Hey - can you post the picture of the printed setlist from the Seal show to a site like flikr or imgur (both free and can be set to private) and paste a link here? Or a link to any social media account it's posted on. thanks!

Thanks for posting. Only 14 songs in 1.75 hours? Did he play longer versions of songs?

Was wondering, do you know what songs Seal played tonight?

I figured it out! According to the review below, the Coach House show was on a Wednesday night, which would have been the 4th, not the 5th. So that clears up the mystery. Thanks for your help with this.

Thanks a lot--that's great information. I am thinking that the other show must have the wrong date. If I can find the true date for the other show, I'll change it. I've seen bootlegs of the few shows they did in '89 and '90, so maybe that can help establish when the other show happened.

Yes, they were doing those shows to establish their rights to the name. You are very lucky that you got to see them!

Hi there I've noticed that you have listed yourself as an attendee of the Byrds show on Jan 5, 1990. There are actually 2 Byrds shows listed on this date, in two different California cities. Was this the Byrds with Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Chris Hillman, or was it The Byrds featuring Michael Clarke?