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Re: Tangerine Dream. I didn’t see any printed set lists on the stage but the sound & light team had them. He said he needed to keep it but he was nice about letting me take a picture.

That Regency show by Eyehategod looked good. I wish Brian Patton was on the whole tour. Mike messaged me and said that he was only doing a few dates with them so they could play the whole "Take As Need For Pain" LP....he won't be with them for the Lafayette show next weekend as they wrap up the USA tour...oh well...maybe one of the days...At least I saw and Joey LaCaze back in the day...opening for The Misfits...1997 tour

Just found the Regent Theater Eyehategod show on line. Posted it in the comments link. Looks like it was a REALLY good show. Glad to see Brian Patton back on board for however much longer! I am really looking forward to seeing them at the end of the month!

You've done some AMAZING work on those Fall setlists! Did you ever get to see them live? I only had one opportunity, the summer I went to England, at the Hacienda in Manchester during the summer of 1984. It's one of the shows that's out on DVD currently. It was an amazing show, and I got to meet Peter Hook and Pete Shelley in the downstairs bar (The Gay Traders) that night. Pete Shelley even bought me a drink while we talked. I was in Manchester fan heaven to say the least. I see you are going to see Eyehategod tonight. If you talk to them, tell Mike IX that his friend Tom in Louisiana is finally bringing those CDs to him at the Lafayette show at the end of the month!! Like you, I am hoping the website bugs get fixed soon...your work on the Fall, and the nearly 100 shows I've documented on Maid of Ace (including most of their undocumented USA shows) makes me worried that the info will get lost. Enjoy the show tonight!!

Thanks for answering my questions on the Dead&Co setlist. I just wanted the answers there if another user changes the info note to songs etc.

The other issue you'll run into is if T.D. is listed as the songwriter in ASCAP, and he wrote a song while a member of the band (and the band released it first) the cover credit goes to the band.
Lennon & McCartney wrote Yesterday while members of The Beatles. Lennon & McCartney have the songwriter credit in ASCAP, but the cover credit on this site goes to The Beatles.

Sounds like a lot of band drama. If there is ever movement on getting songwriting credit officially sourced, etc, post in the suggested forum (Cover assignments) for other Admins to weigh in and use that decision to make any edits f deemed correct.

An artist on musicbrainz doesn't nevessarily need a release. A biography link or even the picture if the announced gig may be ok.
There's certainly thousands of groups without any recording listening MB

I got a message on my profile page about your recent addition of a setlist to Maneaters.

bq. Hello Dirk..might you kindly assist this member "drummertqp" to remove/change his listing for the Maneaters for 2020 in Chicago? This is obviously a different band from the 1986 all girl blues band the Maneaters. They have been disbanded since 1987. I am good friends with the original bassist and subbed on drums. I also played the drums at their gig at CBGB's in 1986. Thank you Rev
I'm sending this message also to drummertqp
I think it might be a good idea to contact himself. I don't think he will bite. Problem is that at the moment there's only one Maneaters on musicbrainz https://musicbrainz.org/artist/1e7fb2c9-ff6f-48c6-8d1b-a288d2376144 , this is surely the one you're talking about.
Discogs link https://www.discogs.com/artist/329429-Maneaters
So somebody should create this recent artist on musicbrainz with some valid links

For Zorn, until they start releasing albums under their name, I usually leave it as a Zorn "project." Bladerunner, Chaos Magick, Heaven & Earth Magick, and the Meditations on the Tarot bands (which all have distinct players for each release) all fall in this camp right now. Bladerunner is the only one I can think of now that hasn't ever released anything. I saw on FB that Laswell & Zorn were in the studio recently, but I didn't notice Lombardo in that post.

Moonchild used to fall in this (not with their own MBID), but then they finally showed up on their on on MBZ. Same for New Masada Quartet, Gnostic Trio, yadda yadda yadda. I wish I knew more about MBZ. It seems like every time I try to edit over there, I get a handslap by a MBZ mod, LOL. It's not intuitive all the time.

Def no worries. He might, but The Stone at the New School shows are usually one set, no opener. Dan's last residency there was Sept 2022 and it looks like he's got another residency coming up there Sept 27–30, 2023.

Happy editing. :)

Please don't add multiple sets for duo/trio/quartet shows. Only one setlist for each show of that nature.

Re: Braxton, yeah, IDK. Some don't have variation codes or other names... maybe if a variation, use of an @Info tag:
Composition No. XX
Composition No. XX @Info[variation name] (similar to remix notation)

But some with a name, it could be something like...
Composition No. XX: {alternate title}

I'm easy. I'd say go with something if you've got time. I'm working on two larger historical venue projects when I get time; so Braxton is back burner for me. :)

Yeah, re: Braxton, I don't really have the time right now... and to be honest, it may be too big of an undertaking. But, I'd applaud if you want to take a stab... it gets messy; so maybe even internal consistency isn't as easy. IDK. Let me think about it, but definitely dig in if you want the challenge. I don't have any preconceived notions about how it'd look, per se. :) https://musicbrainz.org/artist/4e5f99db-d181-4317-9124-602b776f5306/recordings?page=3

I fixed up the venue for that Knoll show in Little Rock in June. It was part of the "Mutants Of The Monster" Festival. I added a link to a pretty good article/recap of the festival. Thanks for providing the setlist on that one!!!

I'm not at all a fan of metal or hard rock :)
Diest is also, for Europeans, a long distance away to go and see some music one doesn't like.
Oct 9 is John Lennon's birthday, maybe you can do something special :)

Sure thing. I actually haven’t uploaded it myself yet, but I found a channel I already subscribe to uploaded their set here and I already added timestamps: https://youtu.be/gsBUKx17Mxc.


Hey hi,

Sorry about that-I'm not too familiar with Belgian geography, so I incorrectly assumed that the venue was the same as the one listed on the CD. My apologies! My band is touring through there soon though so hopefully by spending some time there I can get a better lay of the land and be more accurate on here. Cheers!

No worries, but on the discogs link it was written it was recorded in Louvain La Neuve, so if you would have started typing this as a location you would have noticed there was no such venue in that city.
PS Belgium is a very complicated country. Even Belgians don't understand it.
And the original Manneke Pis is in my city

Where and when will you come to Belgium?

No worries, no reason why you should be thinking about that. It isn't that big a deal anyway but I figured you were signed on right now anyway and there is also no real reason to feed the trolls.

Glad I could help on the Gauze setlist. I only know a little about them. She didn't capitalize things per the Setlist guidelines, because she saw some of their song titles were like that, so I am open to ANY corrections on that one! Glad we could help out.

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