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I'm not at all a fan of metal or hard rock :)
Diest is also, for Europeans, a long distance away to go and see some music one doesn't like.
Oct 9 is John Lennon's birthday, maybe you can do something special :)

Sure thing. I actually haven’t uploaded it myself yet, but I found a channel I already subscribe to uploaded their set here and I already added timestamps: https://youtu.be/gsBUKx17Mxc.


Hey hi,

Sorry about that-I'm not too familiar with Belgian geography, so I incorrectly assumed that the venue was the same as the one listed on the CD. My apologies! My band is touring through there soon though so hopefully by spending some time there I can get a better lay of the land and be more accurate on here. Cheers!

No worries, but on the discogs link it was written it was recorded in Louvain La Neuve, so if you would have started typing this as a location you would have noticed there was no such venue in that city.
PS Belgium is a very complicated country. Even Belgians don't understand it.
And the original Manneke Pis is in my city

Where and when will you come to Belgium?

No worries, no reason why you should be thinking about that. It isn't that big a deal anyway but I figured you were signed on right now anyway and there is also no real reason to feed the trolls.

Glad I could help on the Gauze setlist. I only know a little about them. She didn't capitalize things per the Setlist guidelines, because she saw some of their song titles were like that, so I am open to ANY corrections on that one! Glad we could help out.

Hello drummertqp. I was doing work on some Japanese band setlists yesterday with the help of a Japanese friend. He translated the titles on the Gauze FANDANGO 2001 show you had been working on. We used the bootleg 2 CD set he has from the show as a reference. I think you are more familiar with them, so you might want to check it out and see what she came up with. Hope this was some help.

Hello drummertqp,
On setlist.fm, each of 23 wards (i.e., Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku-ku, etc.) in Tokyo is regarded as a part of "the city of Tokyo". So, it should not be "Hatsudai, Tokyo, Japan", but "Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan", as the town is in Shibuya-ku.

Sure, whatever. From my view it's still dirtying the database with bootleg titles, but I give up, I don't have time for this.
Please allow me to reiterate that the only official release of 77 Live, to date, is on Rivista. All others are bootlegs, and therefore all translations are bootleg ones and are incorrect.
Re:preference - I have none except sticking to official releases where possible, and where not - refer to known and reliable sources (ubud/LRDE and not Disastar, Ignuitas or other bootlegs).

Hi, as you know not all songs performed live have been captured on officially released recordings (meaning Rivista albums, Etcetera 7", L.R.D VHS and Oz Days Live). Univive is unofficial, not to mention Dizastar sources and Illegal-alien reissues thereof.
On Rivista albums you will not find the "Deeper than the Night" or other translations, these all came later with the bootlegs. I don't think musicbrainz is the end-all-be-all authority on ROIOs either way, not limited to Rallizes. The best song title sources are ubud and LRDE.
As far as I know there is no requirement to rely on musicbrainz here, unless you can point me to a rule stating otherwise. I realize this sounds like nitpicking, but setlist.fm is already full of garbage data from various sources, so it is best to keep it clean and unified in my view.
Thank you.

hi, what is the reason for changing correct romanized tracklists to partial bad translations from musicbrainz?
Not even all song titles are translated. Serves no purpose but to create needless confusion and dirtying the setlist database.
Please be so kind as to revert your changes.
e.g. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/les-rallizes-denudes/1976/yaneura-tokyo-japan-5bd79f38.html#sfmsesg73c6eeb5

Hello, was wondering if there was any chance that you still had your private recording of Doppelaxt's performance at Supply & Demand in Long Beach, CA, and might be willing to send it my way. If so, please contact mwwhite8038@gmail.com. Member of the band here.

thanks for hunting down the DMX show videos!

Thanks for getting back to me. I think the best thing to do would be to put the songs back in and say "approximate setlist compiled from videotapes in my possession" or something like that. Another Moderator might revert it in the future if they don't see this conversation or your post on my page but you can always inform them then.

Please don't post any more "approximate setlists" for shows that you did not attend. That is not something we encourage on this website.

The Miles Davis Quintet explanation was helpful, thank you. It appears best practice is to avoid using monikers with a "number" in them unless it was always the exact same members for duration of the moniker.


So I admit to not being very knowledgeable about jazz, however, my source was a newspaper ad for the show specifically billing the group as "The Miles Davis Quintet". Do you have a source indicating that it was NOT Davis and 4 other jazzbos playing together? I do notice that a 1968 album MILES SMILES was billed as by the Quintet:

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