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It turned out that actually the venue was opened on 23 December 2003. :)

From the post in April 2019 on the official Instagram of bar bonobo, it turned out that the venue was opened in 2005. :)

Hello again! I checked the venue CONPSS and its open date 9 March 2012 is correct.
With further search, I found the venue was opened as Unagidani sunsui until 26 February 2012.
As you see, I have added these info to both of the venue data.

It turned out that former name of the building CONPASS locates was Shinsaibashi Shikishima Bldg., exactly same as that of Unagidani sunsui.
So, the venue you should select is Unagidani sunsui. :)

Thanks for your explanation on the Teletopa show. I understood the situation and suggest you to choose NHK Housou Center. I have revised its open date today. With further investigation on Wikipedia Japanese edition, it turned out that it should be 1965. :)

Hi there,
Thank you for reporting the problem. I checked the venue and I confirmed you are right.
It turned out that current open year 1977 was opening of current Sougetsu Hall (rebuilt one). Original one opened in 1958 as stated on the official website you referred. I have revised open year of Sougetsu Hall. Now you can go ahead for creating your new setlists. : )

You should contact Moderator sabwh about this venue in Japan. He handles most of our Japanese venues/shows and is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Yep, agreed. Some sort of "With" field in the main set setup would be cool. Thanks for your additions. I'll likely tweak them at some point. :)

Same with the Otomo shows. See this link for an example of how the two shows would be presented:
(I'm in a slow process of updating all archived The Stone (on C Ave & The New School) shows.... I'm only up to May 2005, as it's a monotonous process, and I didn't start adding current shows until 2018; so there's about 13 years to do... LOL)

I'm thinking that this venue might have changed its name to Dynamo around 2011/2012. Would you know if that might be true and whether or not the venue details I added to this are correct?

Actually, the venue name should be the London Musicians Collective which I have created and moved the setlists there and is the venue that should be used fr future setlists.

Thanks for reporting, now it should be right.

Do you have info on Karrgruveparken in Norberg and the similarly-named venues either on my page or the Problems with Venues Forum page? I don't want to merge out venues in case they are separate venues located at the park. I am having a hard time finding and details in English on the internet.

When creating a similar named venue in the same city you get a warning if you're sure to add it.
Mods have a life too besides looking at errors.

Do not try to avoid using a duplicate name for Paradiso venue, which can't be used because of different halls in the same venue.

Gig missing is no mandatory source. You were not present.
Putting sources are mandatory since some weeks. There was a reason behind this. So willingly trying to pass the guidelines at which state amongst others “Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer” is a behavior which may turn against you.
So before we need to take action you may help to turn out this website to be a reliable source by telling us why you uploaded or edited a setlist.

When creating a venue one has to pay attention when he gets a warning that a similarly named venue already exists not to create a duplicate.

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