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When creating a similar named venue in the same city you get a warning if you're sure to add it.
Mods have a life too besides looking at errors.

Do not try to avoid using a duplicate name for Paradiso venue, which can't be used because of different halls in the same venue.

Gig missing is no mandatory source. You were not present.
Putting sources are mandatory since some weeks. There was a reason behind this. So willingly trying to pass the guidelines at which state amongst others “Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer” is a behavior which may turn against you.
So before we need to take action you may help to turn out this website to be a reliable source by telling us why you uploaded or edited a setlist.

Hi, thanks for your response. In the future please include a link to your source... even if the number of people who can see it is limited. Lots of pay websites are used as sources here. We would still rather have a link (since pics aren't a possibility at the moment). Thanks for clearing that up for me with a screenshot. I'm not an expert on The Mothers, so who knows... maybe they did the whole tour under that name.

When creating a venue one has to pay attention when he gets a warning that a similarly named venue already exists not to create a duplicate.

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