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Thanks for bringing this up, I have since requested these incorrect listings from Womadelaide to be deleted.
Best regards

I'm not a Rufus fan but discovered that at most recent concerts he started playing songs of his first album (mostly 10), for which I reverted the @Set tag, then sang two songs, (seperated with an empty @Set[]) and then the Poses set.
In Brussels he sang another song after seven songs in between the Rufus set.

The support was advertised as Billy Bob and Sweet Alice ( but I have found her on the net as Sweet Alice B)

Hi Richard, thanks for your message. I actually guessed that Marlon Williams had probably introduced the two songs like that, so it's kinda cool to have my hunch confirmed :)
Only moderators are able to rename festivals - if you ever come across another case which needs fixing, please post about it in the forum:

Thanks again!

Thank you for the info and for replying! I really appreciate it! :) Have a good one!

Hey there! I see that you were at this Red Hot Chili Peppers show in 1992! This setlist is empty, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any of the songs that the band played at this show? If so, please get back to me so I can fill this setlist out. Thank you! :)


Rundle Mall now exists in the database, so please feel free to use it :)

Next times, you can just use this link to create a new venue:

Hi there,
I see you're pretty active on the website, I look after a lot of Australian content here, and it's great to see other Australian users around :)
There's a discussion going on about how to handle Australian venues, and I'd really appreciate just a minute of your time for you to share your opinion. Here's the link:
Many thanks,

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