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Thanks for the update on the The Chats setlist. Much appreciated.

Hello sosad2112, thanks for reaching and sorry for my late response.

Already went to confirm what you wrote about "Daylight Outro (Remix)". Also, listen both of them, are they are two related but different songs. I think I also remember that there was at least 2 different namings before bulk edit. Anyway, erasing the (Remix) was a bad assumption on my side, sorry for that.

However, usually we take MusicBrainz as most reliable source, I about this recording I found it as "Daylight (outro remix)"

Even though, I found in other media what you already says (Spotify & Apple Music). Then, I check with the back cover album and I found a third different naming XD

I will keep it as you recommend. Also, if you already discuss this, feel free to bring to me or any of us to confirm

Thank you!

I approved the Daylight Outro vs the Daylight Outro (Remix) thing. But I got stuck on the next one, "Daylight Interlude" - I'm no expert on this artist and "Daylight Interlude" doesn't show up on any of the sources you provided.

Hi, could you please join the discussion over here? Guess it was you who grouped the after shows to a festival ;)

Bro thank you for taking the time to do this... What was Poison aprox start time?... i have tickets for NYC show but i have to work... i think ill make it to the stadium by 6:00pm aprox...

Thank YOU for bringing the rename up again (someone posted previously on 24 Oct and it was only applied to Smashing Pumpkins). Your post today was a good reminder to get it done. Thanks for jumping in and changing some of the setlists too.

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