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Thanks for confirming the running order (at least to a solid degree of confidence) for the KISS / Seger / Earth Quake show in Oakland '76. Appreciate you clearing that up!


I was hoping to ask you a couple of quick questions about the KISS concert you attended on August 22, 1976 in Oakland.

1. Do you recall who opened the show? I know for sure that Bob Seger was one of the acts. The advertisements also list either Point Blank (a Texas band) or Earth Quake (a SF-area group), and it's not clear which of those bands was the third act on the bill. Any recollection?
2. Did you or anyone you know take photos or record audio/video of the gig?



Hi, yes that show by Bryan in 77 was awesome. And, what a band - Wetton, Spedding, Thompson, Manzanera, Mel Collins! My wife and I had started dating the week before that show, it is the touchstone of our relationship. We have seen Bryan a bunch since including SB Bowl a few times. That’s a great venue. Thought that Bryan had some good energy last year. We saw both that show and Mountain Winery in Saratoga.

I see that you’ve seen Yes a few times, including the Cow Palace for the 2 tours with Moraz. Speaking of all time favorite shows, the 76 one with Gentle Giant opening is my favorite Yes performance.


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