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I would ask leglessmoof about the bass/guitar doodle. Cheers!

Regarding the Metallica fourth night in Mexico City, all I ask is that you cite a source if/when you edit the setlist. That could be a link to download the bootleg recording, or a link to another website which lists the setlist.

Yeah I check too. And I'm a member of LPU and I didn't see anything. But I do believe he will come out sometime during the tour to help sing it. Here is my video I took of the very first time Tim came out and helped sing bleed it out.

Hey there saw you asking about if Tim from rise against came out to sing bleed it out last night. I'm not sure if he did, but last year in December I went to a radio station Xmas concert in Oakland and LP and rise were both on the bill and it was Tim's first time ever coming out with Linkin Park to sing bleed it out. And they said they were going to get use to doing that on the hunting party tour. So sounded like he was going to be coming out. Just not sure if he did last night.

Hey there. Regarding the Pantera songs, the guidelines list a medley as "a mix on different song snippets performed as one song". Pantera typically seemed to play ALL of one song either beginning or ending with part of another. In that case I believe the songs are correct as they are with the 'info'. However, if you can link any videos to the setlists of them legitimately playing only part of each song and not finishing either one then I guess we could change that show, but it's really better to keep songs separate for the statistics.

Basically, there's 2 versions. The original, the same you hear in the album, and the one they play normally, with James playing alone at the beggining and no acoustic outro.

Can I ask what other versions are there about "Nothing Else Matters".
I'm just wondering why you are adding these tags to Metallica's setlists?

Both videos have the 19th listed as the correct date.

Done. It also irks me when people write "cancelled" in the @Info section instead of not posting it in the first place or letting a mod know.

I don't know enough about Linkin Park's discography to know if those songs you mentioned should be tagged as @Tape. But, it could be tricky since they have a DJ in the band. Even if the DJ just pushes a button to playback the tape, some people might consider it a performance. But, if the song was played over the PA without any involvement from the DJ, then yeah I'd say it's definitely a @Tape.

I left right after Eye for An Eye also, I didn't think they would have a third encore, but they did; my friend stayed and recorded it on video.

yeah, could be a good solution

Thanks for uploading the Day On The Green bootleg. Regarding whether "No Remorse" and "The Four Horsemen" should be listed as a medley, I think it could go either way. There is a smooth transition between the two songs, so it certainly could be considered a medley. But I think it would be better to list them separately, for these reasons:

[1] Listing them separately simplifies the song statistics.

[2] Every other setlist site lists them separately (MetLists, MetPage, ChapterInc,, etc.).

An example of when you would have to list two songs as a medley would be if the band plays (part of) the first song, then (part of) the second song, then part of the first song again. Like Metallica did with "Master Of Puppets" and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" in 2000.

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