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Hi! How can you manage to be at so many concerts

I am looking to buy early U2 ticket stubs and set lists and flyers - IF you have anything - please email me for a once in a lifetime offer!

Hi, my name is Marc Hogan and I'm a senior writer for Pitchfork, a Condé Nast music publication based in New York. We're putting together an "oral history" of the 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco, and I see that you were there. Would you be willing to chat over the phone sometime about whatever you remember from that weekend? Please let me know: Thank you so much, hope you're well. Best, Marc

On you list 4 songs as second set. On the recording available at there's only the first 9 songs.
Could this be from the next day, as there's a listing for Television at the same venue?

Hi I am a major fan of Steely Dan and was wondering if you happen to have a recording of the Tampa 2006 show? I have a very large trade list of 200+ uncirculated SD concert recordings to offer.

I saw you went the Feb 9th show at Pink Floyd's Wall Tour. A group of friends and I are on the hunt for concert pictures, ticket stubs, audio/video recordings, or really any memorabilia of sorts. If you can provide these in any way, it would be much appreciated!

Hi, I'd like to ask you which show of the day you have posted, 1st or 2nd.
Later, I will add the info to the setlist, based on your reply on my page.

Hi! You created the Joe Henry setlist, Bologna, November 9, 1992, but there are some mistakes. I know Joe Henry's discography and I really attended his Italian concerts. He played in Bologna on November 10, 1992, not 9. Moreover, the songs you indicated were the setlist of the subsequent tour (November 1993); most of those songs couldn’t have been played in 1992 because they have not yet been composed. Please, correct your setlist or specify your sources. Thanks!

Did this Bangles show actually take place on January 1st, 1986?
No mention in newspapers at the time, but they did play the Beacon Theater on 3/28/1986

Hi, I'd like to ask you which show of the day you have posted, 1st or 2nd.
Later, I will add the info to the setlist, based on your reply on my page.

Since you attended could you update the venue and follow the guidelines for festivals?

or any Blondie gigs from the early days that you attended

Hi there, I've read you attended Television's gig in Brussels June 5, 1977. Did you tape the gig? I already have TV's show but looking for Blondie that was the opening act.

You created the setlist for a 1971 Ten Years After concert with The J. Giles Band and Yes.
event_monkey made the first edit by adding the venue and date.
event_monkey was incorrect as to the date for that concert 10 November 1971.
I saw Ten Years After in San Diego on 10 November 1971.
Ten Years After was at The Forum on 11 November 1971.
Here are two links that will verify the dates.
Before I edit the date of the setlist it is important to me that the person creating it should know.

Sheilah Say

Please use exact location or venue for Zenith festival in Tel Aviv following the guidelines at

Would you know the venue or location for Muddy Waters you attended?
+ the following day
and correct these following the guidelines

Please use exact venue or location for Hojrock Festival which you created

Hi, does the person who put on the set list, or anyone else have a recording of this gig? If so , I would loved a copy, I can trade for it.

Do you have video of the Meanfiddler 05 show with dragonforce?

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