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Are you sure? No ban is on you now. Lots of bugs in our system though so nothing surprises me at this point. Recent edits aren't appearing so maybe they are going but just not showing up for you.

Please stop adding assumed setlists or unverifiable ones as explained in the Guidelines

Hello: I see that you attended this Nocturnus concert.

Was this by any chance at a hangar or on premises of McDill Air Force Base?

Hey man, awesome point of view :) I didn’t really realize until u mentioned it - that they never name their tours haha thanks for being cool about it as well :)

Yes but they are opening for Ghost, even the poster says impera Tour, so while they still touring Hushed and Grim it should be noted as a diff tour

bq. Thanks for your time Dirk!
I am not sure ''Wall of Love" qualifies as a cover, but am still going to add it on every setlist that didn't feature it (most setlist did not reported it just because there was not a proper way to do it, but I am 100% sure it was performed on every show of the currently ongoing tour).
I personally think the 'Wall of Love' should be listed as a normal song with the reference to 'Careless Whisper' put in the info section: that is because 'Wall of Love' is not a proper George Michael's song, and plus it would still be counted as part of an album (the 'Sodali Do It Better' live). Of course I trust your opinion and I will follow it, I just wanted to issue a talking point to make sure the situation was 100% clear.
Have a nice day and thanks for your precious help.

On setlist we also list translated cover songs with the translated songtitle but with the cover tag. Since the melody of Wall of Love is the same (at least to me) as Careless Whisper I thought we could apply the same rule.
E.g. you see a lot of Beatles songs that were covered in another language.
Another one that comes to mind is a French song L'été indien by Joe Dassin which is well known but apparently a cover of an English song, same for My Way by countless artists which is a Claude François song.


Hi Dirk, I am here again with the usual Nanowar of Steel-related matter.
This time I need some advice regarding one of the most unique features of Nanowar's live shows, the 'Wall of Love'. Basically, it is just a rendition of the common extreme metal staple, the "wall of death", but in this case people hug instead of clashing against each other.
The Wall of Love is always performed while the band plays a metal rendition of George Michaels' Careless Whisper, which typically leads directly into the following song of the set in kind-of-medley style. This section is also featured in the most recent live album by the band, 'Sodali Do It Better', and listed there as a proper live track.
Here on, the Wall of Love has been listed in 3 different ways, and I was wondering which one has to be considered the most fitting:

- Not reported as a song, but only in the info as the intro of the following song (ex. "Song name. Info: "introduced/preceded by the Wall of Love").
- Reported as a cover of Careless Whisper.
- Reported as a song on its own.

Here is some live footage, just to give context and documentation:
- Live in Belgrade:
- From the official live album 'Sodali Do It Better' (timestamp already set):

As always, thanks for your time and your patience. Have a nice day!

Sorry it took some time
Based upon your sources and video I would go for calling the song "Wall of Love" with a cover tag of George Michael (and possibly in the info mention it's a cover of Careless Whisper) Put also one or two of the videos in your source.

bq. Thanks a lot for your time, even on such an arguably worthless matter, I really appreciated it.
In the next few days I am going to edit all the occurrences of 'Declination'.
Have a nice day Dirk!

Correct is correct. If the song is played (even on tape and is recognised in addition) it's better to have it listed.


Hi Dirk! I am having some strong doubts on how to note the song 'Declination' by Nanowar of Steel. It is a one-minute long intro for their album 'Stairway to Valhalla', which leads directly into the album's first proper song, 'Barbie, MILF Princess of the Twilight'.
What makes me confused about it is that 'Declination' begins with an operatic piece (which gets always played on tape) and then continues with a short full-band part (which is in fact a reprise of the operatic section), and I found myself asking multiple times wether it should be noted as a song or just a tape, since it only serves as the intro for 'Barbie' and it's not even performed live in full (the band themselves doesn't report it on their printed setlists, but only refer to it as 'classical intro').

Here you can find the album version of 'Declination':
As well as a live rendition:

The main problem is that most concert-goers don't even know this intro is a song on its own and just report 'Barbie' as the concert opener, making it extremely difficult to maintain consistency between different setlists.
Do you have some advice on how to sort this out?
Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

Sorry it took some time to respond.
Watched and listened to the links you provided. I would say the song Declination is played at the opening of the concert, but from tape. So in my opinion you could add this but with the tape tag. Use also a link like and a youtube link like the one you gave to me.

Mancherebbe il tape iniziale del requiem per Gigi Sabani

Sì, non hanno eseguito Giorgio Mastrota, me lo aspettavo anch'io, ma probabilmente si sono stufati o La Polenta l'ha sostituita

bq. Hi Dirk! One user recently divided almost every tour by Ghost into several different legs.
For example, the tour 'A Pale Tour Named Death' was divided into:
- A Pale Tour Named Death North America 2018
- A Pale Tour Named Death Europe 2019
- A Pale Tour Named Death Australia 2019
The 'Black to the Future' tour (more than 120 shows in total) was divided in 5 different legs.
Is this way of noting tours ok with the guidelines or is it better to keep tours as comprehensive as possible? (if this thing would be applied to a band like Metallica, we would have 50+ different tours)
I would keep them restraint, but I am not sure about what the guidelines say about this and I don't want to mess.
Thanks in advance, have a nice day

I'm not a specialist neither in Ghost nor Metallica, but I suppose seelentau is doing some background checking with sources.

Maybe like Paul McCartney tours Metallica tours don't have the continent in the name touring and possibly Ghost has?

Here's some discussion about translated covers
So use “[translated title] @Cover[Bob Dylan] @Info[French version of (original title)]”.

Promise by DonnyITA again


Hi dirk, I'm sorry to be here again.
A while ago I promised I would have cancelled all the edits I did by assuming setlists, and I guess I failed again. I think this well explains the bots that have been deleting all my edits recently.
I wanted to voice my regret once again, as nothing that I ever did on this website was done to harm or bother anyone, from other users to mods and the very artists themselves. My actions were rather the product of sheer willingness to report as many data as possible, even though sometimes they came from my logic rather than actual data... I know it is deeply wrong on a wiki-oriented website like this, and somehow I still thought I was doing alright.
Now I know how idiotic was from my side to insist on those obnoxious behaviours.
I have already written a message to the guy who reported me, telling him he was 100% right. While I'm waiting for his response, I want to express how much loosing my editing privileges meant for me: has been one of my biggest passions for the last 3 years, which brought me to spend hours searching for live reports, social media posts or just Youtube videos of shows by my favourite bands, just to try and take care of them as I could. That, together with my love for statistics, brought me to take this passion way to far.
I have nothing to prove that I could be a better user in the future, or a least nothing but the miserable feeling that I got from discovering that I was no longer able to edit.
I feel terrible asking for one more chance after I failed many times before, but I know that I would not sleep well knowing that I didn't try them all to convince people that everything that I did was out of sheer passion for artists and stats, not malice nor willingness to bother people.
Please contact me if you read this, I would be beyond pleased to hear from you if there is something I can do to redeem myself.
All the best,

Let's give it another chance to see how long you can keep your promise now.

Bq. report made by Starsmore.
Hi, this guy keep changing setlists of concerts he doesn't attend and he doesn't even post a reliable source.
He stopped for a while 2/3 months ago but he's returned doing the same shit all over again.
Just a recent example
In november without any proof "Based on setlists of the same tour leg", now he reverted it back and in the setlist info wrote "No valuable source for the info" and than again changed a couple of minutes later again with "These songs are always played at the end of the show and I did not want tour stats to note this as an exception".
So basically he doesn't go that concert, changed the setlist a lot of times (even more than ten every setlist) without knowing what songs were played, because he wants those setlists to look the same.
Or even worse (just checking the most recent concerts that he has modified) he just put random youtube links of things that have nothing to do with this concert.
On a side note, a lot of times he posts as a source a photo of the setlist taken from instagram or facebook stories, but I've attended some of those concerts and sometimes songs were cut or added but he keep modify them to his liking.

Add a short description of why you are making the edit, along with the source. See what I did on the Baroness tour name setlists.
from the Guidelines: "Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer. For example "added a song" is not a valid source.

I added the proof of show also in the comment as it's always good to source that when the setlist is created, even if an attendee created the setlist.

Hi. I don't have any authority to do anything. I'd post about him on the spam/troll forum post: