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Hello, I have an unusual request. I see that you attended Journey's concerts in Phoenix, AZ on July 26, 1983 and December 14, 1986, and I was wondering, did you happen to record their concert either night, or do you know anyone who did record? If so, please email me at

When you want a setlist deleted, don't make a comment on another setlist from the same day in the same venue by another artist
but click on duplicate/fake setlist of the one that should be deleted.
Now it's only by accident that I saw your message on the above link.

I figured that you were probably right about Diablo Stadium not always being called by that name so I did some research. The first reference I can find for Diablo Stadium is in the Feb 24, 1971 Wisconsin State Journal in an article about the Milwaukee Brewers where they refer to some prospects that were in training there. The first reference in The Arizona Republic is on Mar 5, 1971 when they published a spring training schedule for all the teams in Arizona. Before that it is usually referred to as Tempe Stadium and occasionally Pilots Stadium, Pilots Field or Seattle Pilots Stadium.
I can't any specific announcement of a formal name change for the stadium.

Great show, although they need to play longer. An 80 minute set for a band who have as much music as they do is, frankly, unacceptable. That said, I give it four out of five stars because it was a VERY solid set list (no pun intended). The opener 'Guardian' along with an encore of 'Screaming In Digital' were my favorite moments of the night.

Kiss' 'Creatures Of The Night' tour on 3-28-83 was my first concert EVER! A up and coming band called Motley Crue opened the show. Little did I know that I was seeing one of the last shows in full regalia for Kiss at the time. In short order, Kiss rocked the half empty house, roughly 5,000 attended. No matter! It was great! Good times!

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