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Hey, is this the same Artie, whom I met at Xmortis, this past September? 60 something, with lots of patches all-over your jacket... ?

sorry for double post

i actually found a full setlist of one of Menomena's 2007 SXSW shows and it is either the Beauty Bar show or the Mohawk's show since they're the only ones missing (i put the setlist under Mohawk's but it might actually be from the Beauty Bar show)

hi! i saw that you had attended the Menomena show at the Beauty Bar in March of 2007

I was wondering if you possibly remember any of the songs they might have played that night? thank you for reading and have a great day! :)

Thanks a lot for your information on the Auditorium Theatre. I am working on updating and correcting the venues in Denver right now. I can see that this complex is going to take some work to get right. Because I am working from A to Z multi-venue buildings are harder to get right, especially on the first pass.

If you see any other mistakes or have information on any other venues, especially older venues please let me know.

Regarding the Hammerstein Ballroom vs. Grand Ballroom...

Damn, my mistake! I'll get it corrected in the next couple days.

hey jay - the "attended gigs" feature is finally online - took us a bit longer than the "couple of days" - but we wanted it to be really cool :-) now it includes statistics and mutual artists/concerts among users ... hope you like it ;-) have fun

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