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Name Odin Berkelman-Rosado
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Musician/songwriter (in the band Colorblind Dilemma) and concert goer/venue employee.


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Have fun at Larry tonight, I'll do my best looking on his instagram, please try to remember a couple of the songs he does or take video!. Please and thank you

To be honest I don't know anything about the songs Soul Cake which is still listed as a traditional 13 times https://www.setlist.fm/stats/covered/traditional-5bd2f7e4.html
and A Soalin' by Peter Paul and Mary which has been performed twice by them and covered 17 times https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/peter-paul-and-mary-2bd6589a.html?songid=33f1d0e9
If it's the same song you can report one of the songs as a duplicate song

If there is a reason to write a more meaningful comment, i will do so. I am not intentionally trying to bypass the mandatory comment procedure, but I find that attending concerts and being a member of the band who’s setlists I am editing are reasons enough. I am not going to write super detailed comments every time i edit setlists.
The reason is explained in the guidelines which was mentioned in my previous comment.
Everybody can choose a user name that resembles an artist name.

You used correct title to edit Soul Cake [traditional] cover
to A Soalin' Peter, Paul & Mary cover

If I correct this same title to something else with correcting as a source title would that proof my edit?

Hi there,
I noticed you mentioned just what you did setlists to bypass the mandatory edit comment feature.
"Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer."
Setlist.fm is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. To ensure that edits are verified for other users, and to avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time in the future, edit comments have been made mandatory for all users.
Please ensure that you share informative comment with future edits, so that everybody understands where you received the information you're contributing.

Please use exact location for https://www.setlist.fm/venue/benefit-for-the-cedars-of-marin-san-anselmo-ca-usa-5bd71b5c.html which you uploaded with setlist (and without any source) instead of name of event.

Did the CD show happen today? Sorry I missed it!


I thought you might have an inside connection! See you next time I catch a show at the Chapel...

The group BOLERO! has been added to setlist.fm. Any chance you know any setlist song for the times the group has played the Chapel? Thanks!



Many thanks for your reply.
No problem. Digital is our world now.


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins in San Francisco.
I read that you went to see this concert.
Did you keep your ticket?
Thank you!

Sorry to hear about the Peter Murphy concert last night. Did they say they would re-schedule? Was there an opening act?


Thank you for adding to the Gary Clark Jr. set list. I was hoping someone would be able to complete it since I'm not familiar with his music. Your concert list is impressive! I hope to see Bela Fleck someday soon. I love his banjo playing and when he played with The Dave Matthews Band back in the 90's I was blown away listening to the Live Trax series. Volume 7 at Hampton VA on 12.31.96 is mind blowing with Bela and the Flecktones. If you get a chance the next time Houndmouth comes through Northern California, you should check them out. Happy holidays!