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Thanks for replying. Lucky guy, those gigs with Iggy & Bowie were awesome.

Hi! Did you tape any of the Blondie gigs that you attended?

Hi! The answer varies depending on the configuration of the artists playing that night. For example if multiple artists take the stage throughout the night, then you could create a setlist for each artist and then group them together under a festival. Another option if there is one main act is to just have one setlist under the name of that person and then add guests as appropriate using @With or @Info. Another option would (not preferred if you can do the first two) is to create "J Mascis, Don Fleming, Mark Arm, Kim Gordon, Mike Watt, Mario Rubalcaba and Jennifer Herrema" as a collaboration artist in MusicBrainz, import it here and then create the setlist under that name. I hope this helps!