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Hey, you changed the capitalization of tracks from IC3PEAK's album Skazka awhile back. Was wondering where you got that from? It doesn't seem to appear that way on Musicbrainz, and I know that the Russian titles aren't in all caps on streaming either.


LEI contacted that user and will see if he responds yo my request. Do you think I should revert all his edits?

Thanks for reporting that one so quickly. Good catch.

No, only the Admins/Mod (blue & red star folks) can batch edit... but you can request it on the Forum in the "Problems with Songs" thread:

Thanks for getting back to me. The only problem with listing this show is that you didn't put the explanation you gave me in the Comment section of the setlist. Maybe you could copy and paste the relevant info onto the setlist. As you said, a Mod could then have a better idea if it should be listed or not. I tend to leave these shows for quite a while in case more info surfaces at some point but another Moderator might feel differently.

What's up with this setlist? Whenever you add a setlist for an Unknown City like this you need to give a detailed explanation for it. Please reply on my page.

I was aware that dirkvandamme was the main one doing it (he also went through scarlxrd's setlists and changed capitalization). I left a comment on his profile, and haven't gotten a response yet. He'll likely change them back eventually. Thanks for the reply.

Hey, I wasn't the original one to change the capitalization of Travis Scott songs, but the moderator dirkvandamme recently changed all Travis Scott songs from Astroworld and Birds In The Trap to be "correctly capitalized" (ie. not fully uppercase or lowercase).
I agree with you that songs should be capitalized based on the style of the tracklisting, but I don't really want to go and change 100+ setlists one-by-one when a moderator can do that much quicker. I would ask him since he made the initial changes, and I just changed the three setlists to avoid song duplicates.

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