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I will have it deleted.
This happens all the time.
Next time, you can simply post it to the forum for deletion.
Best. Dr Al

Why would you assume this festival was at a different venue than it was? Please start posting sources for your edits.


I deleted the setlist. But you really should report a setlist to be deleted to the forum linked below as there is no guarantee that any one particular moderator will be online on a given day...As regards setlists posted in advance this seems to be an ongoing problem that I for one don't have a solution for. It seems to have been an issue forever.


You can still use the MBID method to edit artists. Just follow the "Edit venue & date" link in the top artist/venue/tour area, rather than the "Edit setlist songs" further down.

Thanks for reporting those setlists.

With regards to the Crucible show, you can edit the artist yourself. Have a read of my guide here, and let me know if you have any questions :)

Fall City Fall = done, thanks!

I've changed them because in my opinion at least, the venue isn't right. The Echo Beach stage was used and the venue had nothing to do with the Amphitheatre. So for me personally I don't classify this as the flats, last year it could be because Echo Beach wasn't used, but this year they changed it. So for me personally, I classify this venue as Echo Beach since that venue was used, and the Amphitheatre was not, and with the weather, I didn't do any pit video this year :( Sorry

Look, I understand your feelings towards this issue. In all honesty, I didn't start working on the Dan Campbell/Aaron West setlists until the Warped Tour started this year. Someone else took care of all of the 2014 setlists and all of the 2015 setlists prior to July. The guy taking care of the setlists has a very good reputation on this site (like, he's not a troll or a troublemaker) and apparently he talked to a few admins on here regarding what name to list the setlists under. Dan Campbell is what it was decided to be, apparently. The same thing happened with Frank Iero's setlists on here, as he performs under the name Frnkiero andthe Cellabration, but his setlists are listed under his own name. It's the same thing. I might not agree with it, but those are just the rules of this site. No pen names allowed, all setlists must be listed under the artist's actual name. So I'm not going to change anything. I apologize, very sincerely, about this. I sympathize, trust me. It confused and annoyed me a lot when I first looked for the setlists, too. But these are just the rules of the site. You can ask the admins if this issue could be changed at all. I don't know what good it'll do, but you can try it... Just thought I'd let you know.

That's just how it's done on this website. Dan Campbell is Aaron West. Campbell himself has said that Aaron West is just a pen name in several interviews. That's why it's like that with every setlist he's done under that name. Just leave it the way it is, it's not bothering anybody.

Hi there! Thanks for reporting the KOI festival problem. It turns out there were two 'Kitchener, ON,'s in the database. It should be all fixed now.

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