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Please read the guidelines regarding tour names:
Other band names, such as The Who, can't be part of a tour name even though a band is opening for them. Same: 'opening for' and 'support of' etc. can't be part of a tour name either.

Thanks for the answer.
I will reuse the 2 wrong setlists for other dates.
It's possible to edit the artist in the "Edit venue & date" link .

why do you add Dickey Betts twice on 5/6.8.1978?
Please let me know.

Hi Danny boy, I see your a fan of Wanda Jackson!! She played for an Easter service at or church in Santa Cruz!
Best regards,

Hi, I see you attended this Police concert. Did you or friends of yours record it ? I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. Tons of things to share. Cheers. Dr

Quite good! Love seeing Morrissey and was a big Smiths fan back in their day.

Dan, how was the show last night ?