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Thanks for the help on that Babe Ruth setlist.

Hey datefreak!

I must ask, how was Emerson, Lake, and Palmer at the Montreal Olympic Stadium!? Must've been quite the show! Any fun memories!? Would love to hear from you!

Many thanks and appreciation!

Still no sources and reverting Moderator edits by changing dates AND venues I see. Let me know when/if you decide to follow the Rules/Guidelines for this website and we'll think about restoring your editing privileges.
Please use exact location or venue following the guidelines at

I notice you responded on your own page probably the answer which was destined to somebody else
"that show never happened. the Montreal Forum was reserved for hockey finales during this period."
Please respond to his page, he might never have seen your response.


Thank you for your efforts.
I hope it will be possible.

Have a nice day,

will do my best, by the way i m the first,
who told him about musical box. the rest is history.


Thank you for your answer and take time for me.
Are you talking about Serge Morisette?
The guy who works with the excellent band The Musical Box?
I met him in Germany a few years ago.
Can you ask him if he can scan his ticket?
Thank you!

hello Antoine
i have most of my tickets but not the old ones anymore. my friend Serge who is in charge of the band musical box. must have that one.


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Genesis in Montreal 1976.
I read that you went to see this concert.
Did you keep your ticket?
Thank you

I see that you are a huge fan of Johnny Winter, what a blues legend that man was, and will always be! We lost a true master musician back in 2014!

my hearing is fine. but the loudest band was nazareth in pointe-claire.
a friend who opened for them. leave the place during the soundcheck.

Hey date freak how is your hearing ? Mine is not bad but I hear white noise once in a while ,
And to think I owe it all to Marshall amplifiers and bad sound techs back in the day.

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