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What is your source for this show and the other Campbell setlists you are adding? Please reply on my page or they will be deleted, especially this one.


Please stop adding canceled Beastie Boys shows.

If Lost Horizon / Marvin Gaye Medley was performed as a medley you should list this as
Lost Horizon / What's Going On / Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) / I Want You instead of four seperate songs.
And if you're going to do this another 90 times it's better to ask a mod who can do this in one batch.

Looks like the wrong date for this gig:
Happened in 1979 on that date, not 1978.

Hi, I noticed that you recently uploaded this setlist:

When uploading setlists for concerts that you did not attend, please always include a link to your source in the comment section. This will help us determine which setlist is correct if there's ever a disagreement about which songs were played, and if you're working off recordings on the Internet, having a link to those is a huge bonus!

Thanks so much for all your help with the site,

pomes27, I apologize. That was an edit back in March, back when I mistakenly added tons of recording sessions. It won't happen again... Please take it down as soon as you want it gone!

Much Regards,

What is this concert? If no extra information or source is provided, it will be deleted.

Thank you very much!

Ok the 404 error should be fixed. Feel free to try those shows Todd Rundgren shows again and let me know if it's not working right. A general rule is that there needs to be an actual audience for the setlist to be listed on the site.
Regarding your band, you'll have to add your band to musicbrainz first. This link explains how that is done: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/How_to_Add_an_Artist
I hope that helps. Good luck! :-)

Dear ExecutiveChimp,

I have 1 more question. Thankfully I have been able to add more setlists, although they do not show up in the statistics, and when I try to view them the "404 page not found" error shows up. Is this for a reason, or is my account messed up? If you know anything please tell me. Thank You.

Thank you for the recording session note ExecutiveChimp. I thought they counted as performances but I was wrong. Sorry! I am somewhat new and hope to learn how to delete setlists. However, I have some questions that hopefully you have the answer to. I am an artist myself, but I am not on musicbrainz so I cannot ad myself. Help? Also, I have tried countless times to ad sets from Todd Rundgren's "With A Twist" tour, but a "404 Page Not Found" error prevents this. Is this because I have done recording sessions and am not allowed to add anymore setlists, or have I been limited to one setlist per day? I hope this bug can be fixed soon. Thank You.

Please do not add any more recording sessions. They are not allowed on the site and need to be deleted. Thank you.

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