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Hey from a fellow =w= fan! My name is Jason and I'm an admin at Weezerpedia. I saw you attended a Weezer show in Denver, CO in November of 1994 and made an edit to the page for it here. I just put a first draft together of our wiki's page for that show, and I wanted to ask if you think there's anything we should add! Check it out:

I wanted to also ask two questions: the first is about a note we have on our concert page about Matt singing "Friends of P" at this show. It was reported that he did in an article we have archived (you can see the source I cited), but I couldn't find any other info about this online. Karl even wrote a short note on =w='s social media many years later recounting the whole saga of Rivers getting sick, but he didn't mention "Friends of P." Since Matt had a bit of a loose relationship with the truth back in those days, I thought I'd ask someone who was actually there, haha.

I also wanted to know if you had any record of the setlist from the night, or if you just recounted it from memory for the page. If the latter, are you kinda approximating the songs, or are you sure this is what they played?

Yours in turning it down if it's too loud,

Regarding the 1-17-69 setlist for Fleetwood mac. Rattlesnake shake was written in the summer of 69. Based on that knowledge, the list can't be correct.

I believe you choose the wrong The Rat Pack since most if not all of the artists deceased on that date
Could you list a source for this and update the venue with the exact location since venue names don't use the name of a festival.

Hello! I've seen you've added many many Red Hot Chili Peppers setlists with no source. Were you at the shows? Have you taped them by any chance? :)


Do you happen to remember if there was a opening act at the Yes concert in San Diego 18 March 1972?

Sheilah Say

OK, maybe you can doublecheck the Miles-Davis-cover-tags again, because I think you are more into Miles Davis than me.

As I said the criteria for the cover tag is who did the first recording / release.

Regarding Miles Davis please see this comment:
The cover-tag applies if somebody else did the first recording. So who did the first recording of Code M.D. or Decoy ? Was it Miles Davis or the songwriter himself ? Your help is appreciated.

I've noticed that you are adding new REM dates taken from The REM Timeline, & new updates by the website - can you credit them please.

I've deleted East Town Theater, Detroit, MI, USA 13th Dec 1971. It's mistaken with the show which took place in the same city on 13 NOVEMBER 1971.

Regarding "Roxy and Elsewhere", I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. That album does not exist in's database, due to a technical incompatibility between and MusicBrainz. I couldn't assign any songs to it on even if I wanted to.

The reason it's not in our database is because does not support albums that are credited to multiple artists (e.g. collaborations). "Roxy and Elsewhere" is credited to two separate artists on MusicBrainz ("Zappa" and "Mothers"), thus cannot import it. If the album were changed on MusicBrainz so that it was credited to either "Frank Zappa" or "The Mothers of Invention" (not both), then we could import it.


Regarding all of Frank Zappa's setlists being listed under one artist, I completely understand your point.

However, if you start splitting the setlists across multiple artists, then you have to use @Cover tags. For example, if Frank Zappa (solo) played a song from the album "Freak Out!" (credited to The Mothers of Invention), then you'd have to mark it as @Cover[The Mothers of Invention]. Likewise, if The Mothers of Invention played a song from the album "Chunga's Revene" (credited to Frank Zappa), then it would have to be marked as @Cover[Frank Zappa].

You can see how this situation would quickly become confusing. That's why we decided to list all Zappa's setlists under a single artist. Thus, no @Cover tags are necessary. I know this way isn't perfect either, but we think it's less confusing.

We've done the same thing for Bruce Springsteen solo vs. Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band, and Neil Young solo vs. Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Yes; the exception would be if the song appeared on an LP less than a year after the EP's release, in which case I'd usually assign it to the album.

Flaminglipsfan ... Where are you finding these old Weezer setlists? You posted 2 from Fresno which bring back memories. Nice work!

I usually only assign songs to an album if they were on one of the original versions of it, or are a bonus track from an international edition that's impossible to find anywhere else (ie. "Home" by Nine Inch Nails). If a reissue features B-sides on a bonus disc or whatnot, they should still be assigned to either the single they originally came from, or a single/B-side compilation on which they're easier to access.

I see you have submitted Red Hot Chili Peppers concert dates. I attended a show of theirs at the Button South in Ft. Lauderdale-Hallandale Beach, Fla around 1985-1987, but I do not have any record of the actual date. Do you have any access to, or information on this show? Thanks very much and would appreciate any efforts in obtaining the concert date.

Honestly, this would make more sense as a EC and the attractions setlist. IT IS NOT a solo appearance, even though that would make things easier.

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