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Hi David,
I lived in Portland and taped a lot of shows in the 80s in Oregon. I noticed you did a setlist up for the Kinks Paramount shows, do you know if there are recordings of these around? those were my first ever gigs, have been looking for posters, pics or recordings of them. I have tons of ex quality stuff if you could please get in touch, thanks chrisdalem@hotmail.com

I saw you went the Feb 9th show at Pink Floyd's Wall Tour. A group of friends and I are on the hunt for concert pictures, ticket stubs, audio/video recordings, or really any memorabilia of sorts. If you can provide these in any way, it would be much appreciated!

David_B, do you know how to point a song to a unique video on utube? I have zillions and would like to tailor, say, the Todd Rundgren shows to my videos. Thanks, Bob K (mrtrips99 on utube).

Hey there! I see that you were at this Red Hot Chili Peppers show in 1987! This setlist is incomplete, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any of the songs that they played at this gig? If so, please get back to me so I can fill the setlist out. Thank you! :)


Dear David,
Thanks for making The Replacements set list from 09April2015 complete and accurate. What a show.

Hi, I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. If you are interested in trading rare live stuff, or if you know tapers who might have recorded The Police, please email me at : maisquefaitlapolice@yahoo.fr
Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers. Dr

Thanks David for the help with the Zappa show edit!

Find the Cost of Freedom:

You're right, thx for reporting. This was due to an autocorrection, because all CSN&Y setlists but this one were wrong with the cover-tag. It changed the only correct one to the other wrong ones.

Now I did change all for good, so this should not happen again. If you see a wrong edit of me, please report on my user profile, because when doing batch edits I can't see your comment on the setlist. and I will get no notification.


David, I am a researcher for REM setlists for the REM Timeline, & have been trying to identify the unknown song from the Starry Night show from 1984 - do you know any more lyrics from that song for us to identify it? - would like to put that one to rest!

Cheers chrisha

Road Runner:

took some time, but now I got them changed

Barenaked Ladies: Roadrunner

Ok, sorry for editing, there were 30 existing setlists with Roadrunner as a cover, so I just merged them. Are the other 30 setlists also wrong ? I can batch edit, if they are wrong, but I don't know it.

Thanks for adding the 2nd encore to the TMBG show at Showbox! I had to leave before the end to relieve the sitter since the show got started so late.

I think you made a totally logical suggestion regarding "Ship of Fools" by World Party. Similar rules can be applied to all the other World Party song titles on setlist.fm. Are you interested in doing this?

This is interesting...I found this link for the Elliott Smith show at LaLuna, but the address given (215 SE 9th Ave Portland, OR, US) is actually for Pine Street Theatre:


Wondering if it could have been some kind of underage afternoon show, but Nov. 18 was a Monday, so that would seem odd.

Trentskers, let me do some research from my end here in Portland. I'll go down to the library and check past newpapers on file and see if I can come up with a definitive answer. It might take me a couple weeks.

The Elliott Smith show's info was taken from a recording: http://archive.org/details/esmith1996-11-18.La_Luna_Balcony_Portland_OR_FLAC
A google search of "Elliott Smith La Luna November" turns up a few more pages that say that the show happened on the same date, but if you're positive that it wasn't, I can make an edit to the setlist. Might you have any idea when the Smith show did take place? That would help

Hey, man. Impressive attendance list - I find myself completely and utterly humbled.

Odd question here, but I was curious about The Replacements' Pine Street Theatre show from 1987 - the only record of that particular show is what you have listed, but can you recall anything about the show?

I'm trying to trace the origins of their song "Portland," and this show or their appearance at Starry Night seem to be the only potential candidates. Any details you could spare would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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