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I just requested the batch edit. It should hopefully be applied sometime today.

If you want to make a batch edit regarding that song, go ahead and change the song back to how it was before I edited it. That's perfectly fine with me.

I agree that it would be great if a musicbrainz artist with a "Artist Name" alias with defined start/end period would display that way for gigs within that period on Feel free to add another vote to this on the "General website bugs (etc.)" forum topic.

Like I said, feel free to change it back to "Urock'.

I didn't ask to change the tours into festivals when the guidelines changed, that was not my intention, but since I made you aware of it, certainly for the one I specified, one can edit it to a festival.
There is a way to see what setlists you edited prior to 2003 by clicking on the edits last month and then change the date between 2010 and 2013. Unfortunately not only those where you made the last edit, but also the ones where others made edits upon your edits will show up.
If you notice certain groups where a lot of 'wrong' tours are assigned let me know and I can edit these probably easier than you.
Another way to see if a tour has been assigned to a group is click on edits so far, you will see you edited 91 Gong setlists, click on the groups name and then click artist statistics, under the years on tour, there's eventually a list of tours with the number of setlist assigned to that peculiar tour.
Thanks for helping.

Maybe the guidelines were different then, but why not update the non existing tour into a festival?
If the guidelines changed and you are made aware of it, why not follow up?

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