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You need to add sources for your edits.
If you did, you may have realized that Max & Iggor Cavalera are touring as
Cavalera Conspiracy, which would have stopped you from adding a duplicate setlist (since the Cavalera Conspiracy setlists were already added.
A source example:

Hello! I was wondering if you had any pics or vids of DragonForce (DragonHeart at the time) performing at Rock City on 12/4/2000


I think you choose the wrong Malibu Stacy for both these
Would be surprising that a Belgian group did their first concerts abroad with songs they didn't record.
Please use the correct one or create a new one on musicbrianz.

Hi there,

I see you attended Cher’s concert at the NEC Arena in Birmingham in May 1992. Did you or anyone you know make recordings of the concert?? If so, could you please email me at I’d love to get a copy if you’d permit it. :)

Hi. Thanks for adding the Platinum Party at the Palace setlists but please add a source for your edits. Every time.

Hi Tonito, if possible could you add a link to the stage setlist for the QAL concert?

Hi there,
I noticed you mentioned just what you did setlists to bypass the mandatory edit comment feature.
"Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer." is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. To ensure that edits are verified for other users, and to avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time in the future, edit comments have been made mandatory for all users.
Please ensure that you share informative comment with future edits, so that everybody understands where you received the information you're contributing.

Hi further to the below, are you sure there’s a song called Six Feet Horse?

11 Sep 2020, 08:37
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Hi, I see you saw Headswim in Nottingham in 1995 and I assume managed to snag a setlist. Don’t suppose you still have it, if so it’d be great if you could post a copy on this Headswim Facebook group


Hey man, thanks for updating the Manic Street Preachers setlists. Have you got any pictures of their setlists, I'm researching them and would love to see the physical setlists, especially the Leeds T&C one in 1994 you updated. my email is Thank you kindly

Hi! I was wondering if you filmed or know anyone that filmed the 1992 Michael Jackson show. If not, that is no problem, but there is no full show footage from Leeds 1992 on YouTube.

Hi, I see you saw Headswim in Nottingham in 1995 and I assume managed to snag a setlist. Don’t suppose you still have it, if so it’d be great if you could post a copy on this Headswim Facebook group


hi Tonito. could you update the Eradikator setlist for HRH metal 2019 as its listed under the band name EradiCator (spelled with a C) rather than EradiKator (spelled with a K) thanks mate

Hey there, this is a huge long shot but I notice that you were at the MCR concert at Sheffield Arena in November 2007 and was wondering if you still had the ticket/stub? My girlfriend keeps all her concert tickets but she’s always regretted not holding on to this one (it was her first concert) so I’m trying to track one down to surprise her with for her birthday. If you’ve still got yours but are unwilling to part with it, you could help me out massively by sending me a photo of it ( so, failing all else, I could try to reproduce it instead. Thanks so much, I appreciate any help you can give me on this!

I have used your doubled (and empty) Setlist from P.O.D. at Rock am Ring 2002, because I don't think they played twice that day! Or did they? I renamed it to "Vega4", because they were missing on that day! But I had to tell you, because first it was your entry, and second you are still locked in as "I was there"! If the change Is okay with you, all is fine! If it's not, just switch it back! I apologize, but you might to have to switch back the "I was there" Button to 'I wasn't there", it you think so! It's up to you, I can't change that, sorry!
Best regards.
PS: I bought the Book about Rock am Ring and found out that several Artists are missing, especially from the Talent Forum Stage! I try to enter those to the data base!

Hey, I noticed that you had tagged some 1999 Muse concerts at the Leeds Town and Country, and gigs at the Sheffield Leadmill and Foundry as ones that you attended. I'm just wondering if you remembered them playing any particular songs such as Uno, or any details about the setlists? If you manage to remember any, I'd really appreciate if you could please add them to the setlists or let me know. Thanks a ton, and have a great day!

Here's the concert links:

Hey man thanks for editing some of my Bloodstock setlists, was hoping someone would fill in the blanks \m/

Wasn't there a guitar solo on Rock Am Ring 2015 Motörhead?

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