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beau99 is a superpowered Moderator and knows everything about setlists!
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Hi, I'm Shiloh (formerly Beau). I'm 35, and I keep track of setlists for different bands. Favorite bands include U2, Dave Matthews Band and Dir en grey, among others. You'll see me adding/editing mainly those bands' setlists, while making minor edits to others' as needed.

I'm shilohsaurus_ on Twitter.

My complete concert chronology:

6/19/04 - P.O.D./Blindside/Hazen Street/Lacuna Coil (Tempe, AZ)
8/18/06 - Family Values Tour 2006 (Phoenix, AZ)
2/21/07 - Dir en grey/Fair to Midland/Bleed the Dream (Tempe, AZ)
10/16/08 - Goo Goo Dolls (Phoenix, AZ)
11/28/08 - Dir en grey/The Human Abstract (Tempe, AZ)
12/13/08 - The Aquabats/Suburban Legends/Dusty Rhodes/DJ Lance Rock (Tempe, AZ)
10/20/09 - U2/Black Eyed Peas (Glendale, AZ)
2/27/10 - Mike Doughty/Christina Courtin (Cave Creek, AZ)
1/29/12 - They Might Be Giants/Jonathan Coulton (Tempe, AZ)
4/14/12 - Mike Doughty (Cave Creek, AZ)
2/8/13 - Hey Ocean! (Phoenix, AZ)
5/17/14 - Old 97's/Nikki Lane (Phoenix, AZ)
10/20/14 - Mike Doughty (Phoenix, AZ)
9/28/15 - Against Me! (Mesa, AZ)
7/28/16 - Martina McBride (Phoenix, AZ)
1/31/17 - Mike Doughty/Wheatus (Phoenix, AZ)
11/21/18 - P.O.D./Nonpoint/Islander (Tempe, AZ)
11/5/22: Dropkick Murphys/Jesse Ahern/Jaime Wyatt


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Hi Beau,

You added the songs of the 19 August 2002 concert of Counting Crows in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.
I am confused with my agenda, ticket and setlist.
In my agenda they played first on 26 August, then I changed it to 19 August.
On the ticket is printed 26 August and I wrote on the back of my setlist 26 August as well.
On the website of Counting Crows, in the tour history they played on 19 August on a festival in Bologna, Italy. The name of the festival also started with Heineken (Jamming Festival).
Are you sure that the concert on 19 August 2002 was held in Amsterdam?

Hey, not sure if you're still active here, but I have a question: I noticed that you added a loooooot of the old DIR EN GREY setlists back in the day. Is there any chance at all you could tell me where you got all those from? Because you didn't attend the shows, yet they seem to be as complete as it gets. Where they posted somewhere?


I'm working on a video from Counting Crows 10/17/97 and used your setlist. Do you happen to have an audio recording? The full length video could use an upgrade and I can't find one.

Please use exact location or venue for Free Jazz Festival Curitiba following the guidelines at

I have some questions about setlists that you added. If you could visit the links below and respond on the setlist page, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

You're welcome :D I know I'm only making a small dent though. I'm currently going through trying to add all the setlists from there, but it's going to take a while. U2 have been around a long time hahaha!

A while back, someone deleted the festival page for "Zaire 74" that I created; I'm not sure who it was, so I decided to mass send this message to every moderator. It's not a fake festival, and in fact has an article on Wikipedia, which is where I got the information from. I'd appreciate if it was not deleted a second time.

On the They Might Be Giants concert in Spokane they also played Judy Is Your Viet Nam. I don't remember where in the song order though, I know it wasn't an encore though. I was there and the band said that was the name of the next song at one point. I don't remember Withered Hope being played though, but I may be remembering wrong for that.

You probably don't know, but it's worth an ask: Do you know if They Might Be Giants have any plans of making the current tour widely available as MP3 downloads like they did in the past? I'd love to get a copy of that Ithaca show.

I didn't change your Grace Potter entry for DMB Caravan . . just allowed the duplicate.

Can see why you might want to track the bands with DMB as the tour name.

But for GPN's fans looking for info a year from now, it needs to show as part of their Summer 2011 tour.

Hope you understand the reasoning.

your setlist is missing If I Had It All, he played that too.

Jonathan: I don't know the answer to that.

I can only input information that is given to me.

I was at the Bethel concert and Amos Lee sang a duet with a guy in a white suit. What was his name? What is the name of the song they sang?

Thanks in advance

hey there, just wanted to inform you that we put a forum online today and that there's also a forum just for moderators and admins where we can discuss stuff centrally, it's on


(i posted this message to all moderators)

hey beau,
yes, i had the same problems yesterday late at night - now it seems to work again, but we'll definitely have a look at it today ...

just wanted to tell you that there's a new feature to block editors, check out how it works on: (copied this message to all moderators)

Hi! I'm just wondering if you'd be interested in having a forum. Please vote or comment:

Cheers, Stefan

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