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Hi, I'm Tay (formerly Beau). I'm 25, and I keep track of setlists for different bands. Favorite bands include U2, Dave Matthews Band and Dir en grey, among others. You'll see me adding/editing mainly those bands' setlists, while making minor edits to others' as needed.

I'm RinTilde on Twitter.

My complete concert chronology:

6/19/04 - P.O.D./Blindside/Hazen Street/Lacuna Coil (Tempe, AZ)
8/18/06 - Family Values Tour 2006 (Phoenix, AZ)
2/21/07 - Dir en grey/Fair to Midland/Bleed the Dream (Tempe, AZ)
10/16/08 - Goo Goo Dolls (Phoenix, AZ)
11/28/08 - Dir en grey/The Human Abstract (Tempe, AZ)
12/13/08 - The Aquabats/Suburban Legends/Dusty Rhodes/DJ Lance Rock (Tempe, AZ)
10/20/09 - U2/Black Eyed Peas (Glendale, AZ)
2/27/10 - Mike Doughty/Christina Courtin (Cave Creek, AZ)
1/29/12 - They Might Be Giants/Jonathan Coulton (Tempe, AZ)
4/14/12 - Mike Doughty (Cave Creek, AZ)
2/8/13 - Hey Ocean! (Phoenix, AZ)


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I'm working on a video from Counting Crows 10/17/97 and used your setlist. Do you happen to have an audio recording? The full length video could use an upgrade and I can't find one.

Please use exact location or venue for Free Jazz Festival Curitiba following the guidelines at

I have some questions about setlists that you added. If you could visit the links below and respond on the setlist page, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

You're welcome :D I know I'm only making a small dent though. I'm currently going through trying to add all the setlists from there, but it's going to take a while. U2 have been around a long time hahaha!

A while back, someone deleted the festival page for "Zaire 74" that I created; I'm not sure who it was, so I decided to mass send this message to every moderator. It's not a fake festival, and in fact has an article on Wikipedia, which is where I got the information from. I'd appreciate if it was not deleted a second time.

On the They Might Be Giants concert in Spokane they also played Judy Is Your Viet Nam. I don't remember where in the song order though, I know it wasn't an encore though. I was there and the band said that was the name of the next song at one point. I don't remember Withered Hope being played though, but I may be remembering wrong for that.

You probably don't know, but it's worth an ask: Do you know if They Might Be Giants have any plans of making the current tour widely available as MP3 downloads like they did in the past? I'd love to get a copy of that Ithaca show.

I didn't change your Grace Potter entry for DMB Caravan . . just allowed the duplicate.

Can see why you might want to track the bands with DMB as the tour name.

But for GPN's fans looking for info a year from now, it needs to show as part of their Summer 2011 tour.

Hope you understand the reasoning.

  • 26 Aug 2010, 19:52 Etc/UTC
  • unknown_user User

your setlist is missing If I Had It All, he played that too.

Jonathan: I don't know the answer to that.

I can only input information that is given to me.

  • 18 Jul 2010, 23:12 Etc/UTC
  • unknown_user User

I was at the Bethel concert and Amos Lee sang a duet with a guy in a white suit. What was his name? What is the name of the song they sang?

Thanks in advance

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hey beau,
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