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Hello, did you happen to record the Steely Dan show you attended in 2000? If so, please contact me at

Yeah, we would list them as the same song. The Simone version is essentially a condensed version of the Bessie Smith song as it is much shorter and retains the gist of the meaning and many words. If it was much longer an argument could be made for it being a 'new' song though I don't that would be enough either. Thanks for posting the lyrics. I appreciate it even though I had already checked them out.
If you still feel that these should be listed as separate songs after my comments and reading the Guidelines please open a discussion about this in the "Problems with Songs" Forum. Just because I feel this way doesn't make it right and others may wish to express they opinions on this issue.

Thanks for the help on that Anders Osborne "Jazz Fest" set. I ALWAYS appreciate any and all help...anything I can do just ask!

Yep you are correct
To be sure, I don’t always agree with the guidelines
But Alas......

Cheers Dr Al

And it gets tricky because we are talking about
72 verses 73

And Waylon literally had an album in which this is the title song

I literally just sent you a note

You may want to add a note on the forum
So a batch edit can be done re:
That not be Waylon Jennings song
Just a thought

Found date confirmation on Duke website. Feel free to move any and all concerts from 1980-1993 to Chapel Hill.

I was also at the Raconteurs in Raleigh. Thanks for compiling this setlist. You have Don't Bother Me listed twice, which obviously didn't happen but I don't recall if a different song was played between in the #5 Don't Bother Me & Top Yourself. I don't think there was.

For Please read both & to notice the difference between a tour and a festival
As a non native English speaking person, to me a festival is an event which takes place during one or more days at one or more venues.
A tour is a chronology of concerts by a performer to promote a release.
If you want to respond to someone you need to do this on the person's profile page, otherwise the chance is high he will never notice your response.

I have had a hard time trying to determine when the name changed. There is nothing on the ECU websites or in the local newspaper that I can find. The obit implies the name changed in 1993 when it was renovated but I have to think you are right. You could be a year or two off but certainly not fifteen. I will change the dates and if you happen to find the exact date please let me know and I will adjust it.

Hi, I am pretty sure I provided a source?
This came directly from the Guitarist who toured with Reed in 2007/2008.
I was going to go to Orange Peel in Asheville in 2008 but it sold out in minutes.
It was definitely, the Berlin tour. I guess he just switched up the set considerably from the European run. take care. Dr. AL-

If you got it from a venue website it is okay to use it without permission (like the Jen & Dave's House) shows. Getting permission is never a bad idea though, even if by hosting and broadcasting a show places it in the public domain. The "problem" is that "Jen & Dave's House Concerts" or "Swamp Jam" simply aren't venues.

That would be great. The only thing different I would do is capitalize "House" and put a comma after it instead of "at" but it isn't a big deal other than it looks better. You could also add an @info tag at the end of the setlist saying this was a Swamp Jam show with any other details you want to add. That is, if you want to do that. It isn't absolutely necessary.
Thanks a lot for your response.

no hard feelings at all. it's an odd song to input considering it's naming, spelling, punctuation fluctuations over the years. and hubbard has renamed several of his songs after somebody recorded it.


You're of course right. There you go:

Took me some time to find out, but the culprit was that "Nashville, NC" got redirected to "Asheville, NC", which is of course wrong. The Nash Arts Center is currently in the database twice (still better than not at all I guess), but that should be corrected within the next hours/days.


Hi John,

I'm interested in the Etta James concert you made. Would you have any particular comments or songs that struck a chord with you? I would like to tag the songs in a radio programme with comments by people who were at any of her shows. I saw your link on

Thanks for reading.

Alan Byrne
Dundalk FM

Hi, I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. If you are interested in trading rare live stuff, or if you know tapers who might have recorded The Police, please email me at :
Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers. Dr

Yes I was there at the Williamsburg Nirvana show. I don't remember specific songs but I do remember they did not do Smells Like Teen Spirit. I also remember some a-hole from the crowd throwing a tennis show onto the stage which hit Kurt Cobain (in the mouth if I recall correctly).

Hello have you ever been at Nirvana concert? I saw you confirm at that you saw 'em at Williamsburg? Am I right?