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Thanks for removing the Miami Little Feat listing. Appreciated..
You have a very nice list of shows you have seen...many that have eluded me over the years, such as Jimmy Page which still kills me to this day.
Well done, and keep it going!

And writing "11 characters" is not a source. Please provide actual sources or your editing privileges will be revoked

We don't put support act info in the setlist of the headliner. Please discontinue this.

lalocurto, i am trying to nail down a date for a rossington soundboard i have. they say its the last show of 3 warming up kansas in florida. setlists only lists two kansas shows, april 24 and 25. do you know, can you remember, was this show on the 25th you saw, was it the last of 3 or was it the middle show and there was another show after the 25th. what you tell me.
also, you listed the band as RCB as the warm up, it was only the rossington band. rcb was long gone by then. if this is the show you saw, i am happy to share this recording with you.

Guidelines are just that. Guidelines. If we listed every possible variation that could arise the "Guidelines" would be twenty pages long. If a Moderator reverts your change do not change it back unless you first discuss it with a Moderator or post it on a Forum if you disagree with the change. Assume that the Moderator changed it for a reason.

Please explain to me why you insist on changing editd made by Moderatord? I very clearly told you that information about supporting acts does NOT go in the body of the headlining act's setlist. You insist on doing so. Why?


I only had a mobile/digital entry ticket for New Order. Sorry about that!


Many thanks for your reply.
Here my mail address



I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins In Sunrise.
Did you keep your ticket?

Thank you!

Got the ticket stub, thank you!

lalocurto, please forgive me. i was given incorrect information from a freind at the Adam Ant playhouse show there. your list is accurate. again please forgive me...

I do not remember who was the opening act (if any) for that show, but it wasn't Little Feat who I was very into at that time and would have remembered and also would have made a note of the warm up act, which I always did. has Little feat on the west coast on 9/1/89. Florida would not have fit in to the LF tour at that time (according to Setlist)... .. could it be possible that you saw LF open for another Doobies concert during a different year, or some other concert altogether?


I based my comment/question about this date based on info.. plus, I would have remembered that they opened for the Doobies on that date (still have never seen LF live!) . Ken

Little Feat was not in Florida on 9/1/89 and did not warm up the Doobie Brothers. They were on a west coast swing, in Scottsdale, AZ on that date. This Miami entry should be removed.

Hi there, I'm collecting live audio recording by The Police and am looking for their Miami 2007 recording. Did you or friends of yours record this show ? If you did or can help me, please email me at :
It would be much appreciated. Stuff to trade. Thanks a lot. Cheers. Dr

Thank you for your loving care of this set list and wanted to let you know extra information was added per Roger Hodgsons management. I hope your concert experiences have been as phenominal as mine...

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