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Matsoon please hit me up

Hi, I'm collecting lossless live recordings by Ramones and Ramones solo.
If you are interested in trading them, or if you know tapers who have recorded Ramones or Ramones solo, please let me know.
I have many Ramones and Ramones solo recordings and some rare recordings.

This is my e-mail.

Best regards.

Hi there,

I'm interested in the Etta James concert you made. Would you have any particular comments or songs that struck a chord with you? I would like to tag the songs in a radio programme with comments by people who were at any of her shows. I saw your link on

Thanks for reading.

Alan Byrne
FM Ireland

Hi, I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. If you are interested in trading rare live stuff, or if you know tapers who might have recorded The Police, please email me at :
Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers. Dr

You answered your own question there: it was FIRST released by Larry McCray in 1993. It's the same song no matter who wrote/recorded it, and this is how can group all the performances of the one song.
Check out this link:

Here, we can see all performances of the song, who played it, and when (and the first album it appeared on - by Larry McCray).

matsoon -- thank you but if someone merely "guests" with other artists at a benefit / festival should they get their own set list? shouldn't they be listed on that main artist set list for that particular event with a @With tag. like for example the concert for Sandy 12/12/12 -- Eddie Vedder guested with Roger Rogers during his set but did not perform his own set therefore he is listed on Roger's set list noted with an @With tag and does not have "his own" set list.

did Woody Harrelson and Paul Shaffer actually perform or were they merely hosting / announcing? If they were just hosts then I don't think they should have their own "set list" for Farm Aid.

Hi. You're probably right about that Ozzy show. I got those shows from this website: ,but I have seen plenty of mistakes on there. I just wonder what Ozzy was doing between April 4 to May 15 if all those dates are wrong. Did he tour with Ratt at all? I haven't found a better source anywhere. I'll ask someone to at least fix May 11 for now.

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