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Please use exact location or venue for Curitiba Rock Festival following the guidelines at

I believe Brit Floyd at Erasme in Strasbourg, Belgium should be France since there's no Strasbourg in Belgium.

Personally I don't really care how Elton John's releases are named, but I don't agree with you that we as moderators shouldn't follow every weird release name to the T's. As moderators we need to be as objective as possible and leave our personal opinion as to whether something makes sense or not out of it. So in the end, whatever is listed on the album/single cover should be leading, whether we agree with it or not.
The single was a standalone release and the song is not featured on any regular album other than live or compilation albums. We take our lead from websites like MusicBrainz, Secondhandsongs and to a lesser extend Wikipedia, all of which list the release as Elton John Band.
Anyway, I will leave it up to you to decide how to handle this song.

I noticed you changed the Elton John Band song 'Philadelphia Freedom' to just Elton John. However, the release really was by the "Elton John Band", even if it was the only release the band ever had - see:

This gig:
Appears to have taken place on 1/15/88 according to the SF Chronicle 12/20/87. No mention of Racer X at the Omni in Feb 1988

Hey, could you please edit this...
The fragment "Puppies on Acid" is listed as it's own track when it's really the intro to "The Mirror". Could you please edit it so it's listed as "The Mirror".


I saw UFO in Stuttgart on 18.1.1998.
The concert in Aschaffenburg was probably on 20.1.1998.

As you command my king!

did anyone attend the 1976 Heep show in Toledo? and have any live recording from it?

Status Quo have never recorded or released a song entitled "Drum Solo", so why should it be listed on a setlist as a song title?? If it's hidden, like a soundbite or 'tape', it won't come under in their statistics along with "Caroline", "Down Down", etc.

Hello Starbreaker! I see you created Uriah Heep setlists with "Magic Month w/ John Lawton" as a tour. The question is: where you've got this tour name from? Google finds only, so it looks like it's not mentioned elsewhere. Actually their current tour is officially still called „Nail On The Head“ Tour.

Thank you, I found the missing song just 5 minutes after having created the setlist but you already corrected it !

To assign "Solos" and "Medleys" to an album, go to the song page and click the "(change)" link next to the artist name.

Change the artist to one of the following:
• for "Solos" use Seijiro Murayama
• for "Medleys" use Straatzangers
• for "Improvisations" use Al Jarreau

After you change the artist, you can select "Solos" or "Medleys" or "Improvisations" from the list of albums (depending which artist you changed it to).

Then someone added an album named "Solo" and assigned the song to it. In the dream theater example it obviously was Lizards who did it, see e.g. this song page for details:

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