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I doubt we are missing any 1994 Rolling Stones concerts from 1994. This was either one of the shows later in the month in Oakland or the Sep 29 show so I am deleting it. Please do not enter it again

Hi there, this post of The Clash on January 1, 1982 was deleted as it was wrong dated.
Unfortunately, credit of date on the bootleg you referred is wrong.
The Clash did not have any show at Sunplaza on January 1, 1982.

I see no reason to delete a song given by an reviewer who attended the show and the review was published ten days later just because some concert download website doesn't include it on their recording. I suggest that you stop making such assumptions...soon.

You accidentally linked the setlist edit as the source here. Please add the actual source when you get a chance.

When a tribute group consisting of several artists performs you need to use the group's name instead of uploading all the different members and their songs.
Please ask all unnecessary setlists to be removed
E.g. is the one to be kept
All the others need to be deleted.
Be more carefull, you've received already more than one remark.

Hi there, thanks for adding the setlist here:

I noticed that you missed Jolene - perhaps you were using the new editing form which requires adding each line individually (rather than copy-pasting multiple lines like was possible in the past)? It would be great to know if this was the case, I worry this will happen more often unless the textfield method is retained.

Thanks for adding the download link to the Ziggy Marley show in 1986. I was at that show so I'd love to hear it again. (I know the date and venue are correct because I still have my ticket stub) :D

Check the date for the wings concert you just added. You are one year wrong. Use the report delete setlist bottom

And again, bootlegs are not reliable. The Ozzy show you added for 19 November actually happened on 9 November and is already listed on the site. A simple search shows that easily.

The Bob Marley shows from 1973 already exist as 'The Wailers'. Please be more careful not to add duplicate shows that need to be deleted. Thanks.

Fyi the bootleg site you are using is trash. The dates at wrong. The Band show in Osaka already exists under it's correct date. Bootleg sites are not reliable.

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