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Hello, I have an unusual request. I see that you attended Journey's concert in Denver, CO on April 3, 1983, and I was wondering, did you happen to record their concert that night, or do you know anyone who did record? If so, please email me at

By any chance do you have a recording of the Denver 86 Rush show? I am a major collector / fan and have an extensive trade list

Is your REO Speedwagon ticket from Jacksonville, FL1979 kind of a pinkish color? I have the ticket and think it was the 1979 show and was Pat Travers band backing them up (not Blackfoot), but my ticket stub says "Wednesday" night.... I wish we were allowed to upload tickets on here, I would show you

Vary cool that you have been to all those DNC shows!!!

Hey Bham Steve! Thanks for the correction on that Matthew Sweet 1999 show. I had lost my ticket stub, and didn't get to tape that night. I knew it was a round the same time as the House Of Blues NOLA show as we had planned to see both.

An excellent performance by a legend who is not content to tour endlessly with his "hits", but continues to be creative and curious. And Plant is such a generous bandleader; time and again shining the spotlight on his very talented players. "Rain Song" was the highlight here for me, personally, and a unexpected delight.

The Paris audience was attentive and with Plant the entire night. Unfortunately, they were rewarded with a shortened show (by one song); due to a "curfew" that Plant claimed he and the band needed to abide by or "go to jail". The reason was that Plant and his band did not come out until FORTY MINUTES after the opening solo set by his violinist (and after the announcement that it would be a TWENTY minute break). That is simply unacceptable. First, we weren't expecting any opener at all; since there was no notice of one by the venue. Then that went on too long, imo. Then the excruciating forty minute break. So, as a result, Plant's time on stage was barely 90 minutes. Still, it was all worth it; as everyone in the room clearly enjoyed the performance itself.

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