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Hello trekrap,

By the way...
Could you use the site feature's Set times instead of using that Set-Tag for this setlist?


Hi, I'm creating a database of the all starr of Ringo and I saw you were at the
21.5.1997 Wolf Trap Farm for Performing Arts, Virginia, VA

Do you remember the songs performed during the solo spot ? Do you have any recording of the show ?

Thanks !

Did you attend a Ballin' Jack show in Baltimore 1970? Could you tell me some details, was it a lineup with our without Jim Walters, was the show recorded, whatever. Thank you for an answer.

On a related note, is there is a way to attach an image of the concert program? If not I will upload it to a PF related article and add the link into a future comment. Respectfully, trekrap

My edits are based on the fact that I attended the concert, took notes of the song performance order and theatrical details. For example, the performances were structured into two major segments. First in Part I there were several familiar songs from early PF LPs A Saucerful of Secrets, Obscured by Clouds, Ummagumma, and Meddle. Part II, after intermission, was the performance of what would become Dark Side of the Moon. Only this night it was titled "Eclipse". However, within the program all the songs were simply numbered without the familiar titles that would later appear in the LP. There was one encore of "One of These Days", also from Meddle. I'll try to find a review from the Washington Post Newspaper if my personal account is not sufficient for the purpose of substantiating these revisions. Respectfully, trekrap